A Fool Day of Eats

I like doing a whole day of food in one post. Makes RER boring as hell, but makes more sense than seeing dinner, lunch and then breakfast, right?

I started my day with an easy 6 miles. My toenails hurt. <- Doesn’t that sound like a tragic excuse? Well, it’s not.

Breakfast was the usual these days – eggs and toast. I also enjoyed some blubes whilst cooking.IMG_7539 (800x600)

Then, I wrote up my morning post and rushed off to the gym for one client. On the way home I ran some errands and enjoyed watermelon on the road. IMG_7545 (600x800)

I headed home to spend a few hours catching up on email (exciting stuff happening!!). Lunch was a big salad and a garden lites souffle. Love these things.IMG_7546 (600x800)

Oh, and I almost forgot to take a picture of my toast with PB&J, needed some carb-age.IMG_7554 (800x600)

Before heading back to work for my afternoon shift I needed a substantial snack and decided on oatmeal with chia seeds and PB. It looks disgusting, I’m aware.IMG_7558 (800x600)

But, before I left for work I made dinner so it’d be ready when I got home. I grabbed TJ’s BBQ Chicken and cooked it with coconut oil and broccoli. Even though I only used 1 Tb. on the whole batch you could really taste it. Not sure how I feel about that (but Ben loved it).IMG_7562 (800x600)

I had a meeting and clients until 7:30pm. My stomach randomly hurt today (and has on and off for a few days). I thought it was the new gum I’ve been chewing so I stopped, but it’s back and I’m not sure why. I’m hoping it’s a parasite and not a baby. IMG_7566 (600x800)

Jokes people, jokes.

I was very happy that dinner was waiting when I got home!

I promptly threw all the baby corn on Ben’s plate. *I don’t like baby corn or beets. Everything else I like. A lot. IMG_7569 (800x600)


And now I’m nursing some hot cocoa and a fiber one brownie.IMG_7573 (600x800)

Am I the only one who doesn’t like baby corn?

*Note – I tried to eat beets again at the Wynn buffet yesterday. I want to like them, but nope. No thanks.


  1. Dynamics says

    Baby corn sucks and marinated baby corn is horrific. Beets are worse than baby corn. And do not get me started on mushrooms! Thanks, that felt good!

  2. Anne says

    I love your blog! I’m not creative enough or interesting enough to have one of my own :p
    But, regarding your stomach issues…. what are your thoughts on food combining?

  3. Jaren says

    I love beets. One time I ate 2 cans at once then went for a run later that day. I swear to gosh, I sweat a light pink color.
    And I love baby corn too.
    I love all food except water chestnuts.

  4. Katie says

    Yes! The ONLY one 😀 What?! Baby corn with it’s glorious crunch in a chicken stir fry… Sista girl…. It’s just too good.

  5. Krista says

    Monica you make me laugh everyday! “I hope it’s a parasite & not a baby!” And I’m with you on the baby corn & beets. Beets taste like dirt to me, and I think it’s the slimy soft texture of baby corn that throws me off.

  6. amilia says

    hi monica. last night i dream we (meghann of mealsandmiles, you and me) run together. running induced dream means this morning is excitedly super duper a must do run. thanks for dream “run” with me :)

  7. Marie says

    I’m with you with baby corn but I will eat it so I can cOmplete my vege rainbow intake! Mushrooms, however, I cannot stand. How can eating a fungus be good?!?!
    Love the parasite comment 😉

  8. Jessica says

    Love me some beets although eat too much and you might think you’re dying.

    Baby corns, however, taste like dirt.

  9. Jessica says

    Oh, and I like your day of eating posts. The format does make it a lot easier to understand and is very helpful for us folks that like the intuitive eating aspect of your blog.

  10. says

    The cure to your stomach issues??? Quit eating the Fiber One brownies. I just tried these the other day, and I think frosted cardboard would have tasted better!! Now, the Fiber One granola bars on the other hand, are quite tasty and satisfying!!

    • says

      Ha, I know those Fiber One brownies kill some people but my bodies used to eating a ton of fiber so it doesn’t do that to me. They’re gross, but I’m on my period and it’s the only chocolate in the house :(

  11. says

    i am neutral with the baby corn, but beets is the one food in the entire world that I wouldn’t eat unless I was starving and it was between beets and my cat.

  12. becky says

    My daughters were asking me if Baby Corn was “actual, factual corn but ‘baby'” and I didn’t know the answer so schummer-flummered about “Maybe it’s a different plant?!” LOL……thanks for the info, I’ll pass it on to those who would be otherwise confused!

    Oh…just saw Adrian’s comment and I TOTALLY agree, they DO taste like dirt! Beets I love despite the horror *at the other end* ha ha ha
    (Love your breakfast)

  13. says

    I had a golden beet once that wasn’t too bad. I actually thought it was some weird potato and didn’t find out that it was a beet until after I ate it.
    I have never had baby corn before. I don’t understand them. Do they taste like regular corn?
    Hope your stomach feels better!

  14. christine e says

    Oh my gosh, yesterday at Target I really wanted a Hostess Cupcake, but decided to “be good” and opted for a box of Fiber One Brownies instead. HOWEVER, that doesn’t really work when you eat the ENTIRE box in a matter of hours. Yes, I ate the whole box yesterday and have been regretting it (if you know what I mean, wink wink) ever since.

  15. says

    Awww baby corns! I just saw them at the store yesterday and totally considered buying them. For some reason, seeing baby corns makes me raise my shoulders to me ears and say “aww baby corn!” in a high pitched voice. The old woman next to me was a lil’ freaked.

  16. says

    Long time reader, first time I felt the need to comment.

    Baby corn should be cute. It should represent the cute pint-sized version of those sweet yellow pops of corn goodness. Like little button mushrooms are to their chunky portabello uncles. But its not. Its just weird, small, alien corn that you can eat the entire core of.

    So Im with you!

  17. says

    I’m not a fan of baby corns. I’m not sure I have ever actually eaten one, but they freak me out.

    Beets I can handle in very small amounts. I will usually grab a tiny bit at the WF salad bar because they are shredded and they get mixed in with the rest of my food and I don’t really taste them. Hidden nutrients – haha!

  18. says

    OK, so this is a weird question, but you did bring up toenails. Is there any way to get them to not hurt? I’ve tried cutting them pretty short, and that’s not really better than regular length. I wear a size up in sneakers (and I don’t think they make women’s shoes bigger than that). I already paint my toenails black. What is a girl to do?

    • says

      My toes hurt yesterday because of my fancy dancing shoes. But, they also hurt during marathon training – predominately after long runs only. Wearing a size up is always the first thing “experts” say to do. Outside of that I might try a different show with a wider toe box and/or wearing men’s shoes as they may give a little more space width wise.

  19. says

    I like seeing all your eats! Boring in a way but also interesting to me…I’ll keep reading! 😉 And, I HATE baby corn…not sure why! Beets too – I seem to only like them juiced up. Not sure why but I just can’t get either of those down and always give both to my husband too. :)

  20. Katie P says

    Baby corn weird me out, but beets are another story.My mom hates them so I never had them growing up. Then a few years ago I have a roasted beets with pistachios and goat cheese in a citrus vinaigrette and it was a life changer. Nice to find a new food love that is good for me waistline!

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