One Day of Weight Loss

How’s it going? I had to rush out the door this morning so I’m going to do a full day of eats tonight. <sf> Just letting you know in case you’re dying for me to confirm that I ran this morning and ate eggs for breakfast <end sarcasm font>.

More importantly than my obsessive online food diary is Weight Loss Wednesday and a Giveaway!!!

I found this “Perfect day of weight loss” from from The Lean Belly Diet via Fox News health and thought I’d share. I like that it’s not just about food (or a certain number of calories), but suggests activity and foods that help metabolism.

7 a.m. Wake up and do 2 minutes of jumping jacks, high-knee skips, pushups, or crunches.

7:15 a.m. Have two scrambled eggs and a slice of Canadian bacon. A 2009 Purdue University study found that a high-protein breakfast makes people feel fuller throughout the day, so they’re less likely to overeat.

7:45 a.m. Hit the gym, and lower weights slowly. Taking 3 seconds to lower weights during full-body resistance training can rev your metabolism for up to 3 days, according to a Wayne State University study. (Study participants used a challenging weight for 5 sets of 6 repetitions for each exercise.)

9 a.m. Drink some milk. A diet with plenty of calcium-rich dairy can enhance weight loss, according to a 2007 study of overweight people.

10 a.m. Grab a protein-rich snack, like half a turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with Swiss cheese. In a Georgia State University study, athletes who ate three 250-calorie snacks a day were more likely to lose body fat and have more energy than those who didn’t.

11 a.m. Walk briskly around the office/neighborhood/mall during your break. A recent Mayo Clinic study found that lean people walk an average of 3 ½ miles more per day than obese people do.

1 p.m. For lunch, eat a spinach salad with grilled halibut and sliced almonds. All contain magnesium, a metabolism-friendly mineral.

2 p.m.If your work meeting is with just one or two people, walk the halls as you talk.

4 p.m.Down a glass of iced green tea. According to a study in the Journal of Nutrition, the catechins in green tea decrease body fat.

5 p.m. Have a handful of wasabi peas or some other fiery snack. According to a 2006 study review, spicy foods help burn fat and calories.

7 p.m.Take a short walk before dinner.

7:30 p.m. Eat dinner. If you ate lightly today, don’t worry about having a heavier meal now: "It doesn’t matter when you fuel up; it’s how many gallons you put in the tank," says Gary Foster, director of Temple University’s Center for Obesity Research and Education.

9:30 p.m. Grab a good book or magazine, turn on some tunes, and relax. Stress jacks up your level of cortisol, a chemical that boosts abdominal fat.

10:30 p.m. Draw your shades so the sun won’t rouse you early. According to a 2008 review, losing sleep affects the hormones that turn your appetite on and off, making you feel hungrier.


CLICK Giveaway

I don’t specifically drink protein shakes for weight loss, but I do enjoy them as a filling protein source that tastes like ice cream! And hopefully, less ice cream will do me good Winking smile

The owner of CLICK protein powder recently heard about my search for the best protein powder and sent me over a container of CLICK Espresso Protein Drink.

I used to only drink fruit flavored smoothies, but my passionate (often times inappropriate) feelings for iced coffee has opened my eyes to this new option and I LOVED it! I think the consistency is a little too icy, but the flavor is spot on. This would make a great Frappuccino substitute if that was your thing too.

Giveaway: The CLICK peeps are giving one full sized container of Mocha protein powder and a shaker cup to on RER reader. IMG_7549 (600x800)IMG_7553 (600x800)

You can also score a free sample on their Facebook page.image

To Enter: Leave a comment with the last time you drank coffee.

I’m sipping some iced goodness right now.IMG_3797 (600x800)

(Old pic as I’m obviously not in an airport or sipping DD at the moment.)

Open to residents of the US. Contest ends tomorrow at 12pm PST.


  1. Libby says

    Coffee is every morning for me! I can’t drink it much past breakfast because it’ll keep me up all night.

  2. Kelly says

    I had coffee this morning before working out and another cup at the office! Can’t start a weekday without it :)

  3. Jason S says

    I drink coffee all day until about 7pm. Anything after that and I don’t go to bed when I like. But from 5am through then there is always a cup near me. To the left of my monitor is my cup from Satellite Coffee in ABQ that I’m currently working on.

  4. Lindsay says

    I had a glorious cup of chocolate glazed donut flavored coffee before work this morning. I’ll probably have a raspberry chocolate truffle one before I work out later, too.

  5. says

    I last had coffee about an hour ago! WHeee I love caffeine. And click protein mixes! I’ve only tried the individual sized packets and they are yummmm.

  6. says

    Monday morning was the last time I had coffee. I’ve been obsessed with Awake Tazo Tea (black tea) so been drinking that cause I usually put lots of creamer in my coffee, not good for trying to lose weight.

  7. says

    TELL ME that’s not you with 1,000 pending Facebook friend requests. My heart starts beating too fast if I have even one unread notification. I’m so weird.

  8. Kirstin says

    I LOVE Click. And I just finished mine this AM (I made some blended smoothies for myself and two coworkers–they wanted to try after all my talking about it!!). I had two cup pre-Click this morning!

  9. Holly says

    I drank a fantastic cup (read very large travel mug) of my favorite Columbian roast coffee this morning and have considered a second cup all afternoon, but have managed to resist the temptation of further “enhancing” my caffiene addiction! 😉

  10. Sarah E. says

    Last cup of coffee? Lunch. I work with high schoolers and that extra caffeine boost is an absolute necessity!

  11. says

    I’ve given up buying coffee for Lent, but I can still drink it for free or make it myself! I had some hotel coffee Monday morning.

  12. says

    I had coffee this morning. But I think I’m going to treat myself to a post-work coffee today, too! It’s been one of those days.

  13. Brittani says

    Drank iced coffee with soy milk this morning after my run! I just starting lifting and I would love to try out this coffee flavored protein powder yummm

  14. Amy says

    I had my last coffee 2 weeks ago, an iced caramel coffee. I have been looking for a protein powder and would love to try a mocha flavored one!

  15. Alison Elizabeth says

    My last cup was this morning around 9am. I’m going to have to grab an iced one this afternoon in honor of the sunshine!

  16. Karen says

    Last time I drank coffee…. this morning of course! Half almond milk and half regular coffee. Mmmmmmm!

  17. Michelle says

    I just finished a juice cleanse so I haven’t had coffee in quite a few days, can’t wait for my next cup!

  18. Krystina says

    I had the Vanilla Latte Click this morning! And the last time I drank regular coffee was yesterday morning.

  19. Robyn says

    I must, must, must start my day with 2 cups of coffee!! I love smoothies, so combining the two is win win :-)

  20. Liz says

    Coffee is an everyday necessity (some days, it’s two!), so the last time I had coffee is this morning.

  21. Kelly says

    Coffee YUM! Had some from my keurig this morning and was so tempted to stop at DD on my lunch break!!

  22. says

    The last time I drank coffee was in a desperate attempt to stay awake while driving from Seattle to Portland last week. It was so freakin’ good!!

  23. Holly B says

    I had a latte from the company coffee machine this morning at 10am. That machine makes very decent froth!

  24. Christa says

    I drank coffee this morning! I have coffee most mornings but often will not have any on the weekends.

  25. Brittney says

    I am a girl of routine.. so my last cup was this AM (like every morning) while checking my email at work!

  26. says

    I drank coffee this morning!

    As a side note, I always stop by dunkin donuts on the way home when I visit my family. It is delicious!

  27. Cellabella says

    I had coffee this morning, made fresh in my French press. And I’m considering making some iced coffee right now!

  28. AngieMae says

    I’m drinking coffee right now! I usualy have a cup in the morning and one before i leave work :) Yumm!!

  29. Denise P. says

    I had a Mocha Light Frap at Target on Monday morning. Aside from that occasional treat, I rarely drink coffee. I am more of a tea drinker – try to drink my green tea at work a couple times a week when the afternoon munchies kick in.

  30. Cassie says

    I drank coffee this morning. I’m trying to not drink as much and sometimes drink tea instead, but there is no comparison for a good cup of coffee. I would love to try the protein powder!

  31. Emly211 says

    Ooh I’d love to try that! I drink coffee on my way to teach every morning- a shake would be a great way to squeeze in some breakfast too!

  32. GinaK says

    Just started reading your blog regularly and I love it!! My last cup of coffee was this morning around 10. It was from the maching at work, so kinda gross!! 😛

  33. says

    I usually swear off caffine after 2pm else I’ll be up tossing and turning tonight…but I HAD to have an afternoon pick me up–so I hit up the office’s Keurig machine at 3:30 today. YUM YUM!

  34. Gen says

    The last time I drank coffee was this morning (have to have a good cup or so to get the day started) but, I have become a fan of mixing instant coffee into my greek yogurt to make a mocha style pudding…SOOOO good!!!!!

  35. says

    Ooh I too am on the search for the best protein powder. Ive been using vanilla Aria by Designer Whey lately and really like it. I had dunkin donuts coconut almond iced coffee this afternoon :)

  36. Christiana says

    I’m 18 weeks pregnant :-) so my last cup of coffee was 4 + months ago :-( I will definitely be looking forward to it once baby arrives…but I do love increasing my protein intake with with my protein shakes and expresso flavored = Yum!

  37. says

    The last time I drank coffee was this morning at 10:20am. I try to get my two cups of coffee in between my waking and the school’s snack break. Any later in the day, and I’d be up ALL night long.

  38. Tricia says

    Downed an Iced Coffee about two hours ago :-) I also have a somewhat inappropriate relationship with java 😉

  39. says

    The last time I drank coffee was not recently enough! I live iced coffee like you but its been far too long since I’ve had one!

  40. Dannielle says

    I walked to dunkins for ICE coffee between pharmacology and human development today…they just put one on campus and it has improved my quality of life by at least 50% ( : AND today it was in the 60’s …crazy high for NH!!

  41. Emily says


    The last time I had coffee was this morning :) And the last time I had a protein shake was yesterday because I ran out!

  42. abby r says

    i drank tea this afternoon…i don’t usually drink coffee but if i win i’d give it to my coffee loving sister!

  43. Laura O. says

    I had a tall soy misto sprinkled with cinnamon at 10:30 this morning. I can’t wait until Chicago warms up. Iced coffee is my favorite.

  44. says

    It’s been a while since I only like coffee with a LOT of creamer and a packet of hot chocolate mix (= lots o’calories). This protein shake sounds delicious! And cold will be perfect for summer.

  45. Abbey says

    I had coffee during lunch yesterday…and it was iced!! For some reason, my addiction to iced coffee is always worse after I read your blog! You got me hooked!! :)

  46. Lindsey says

    I had a huge Iced Dunkin Coffee with lunch today. It was so nice out that I decided to walk over and splurge for a midday treat!

  47. Hannah M says

    Must have coffee every morning! So, I had a large mug on the way to work this morning! You need coffee to teach high school seniors!

  48. Wendy Lipman says

    I drank coffee this morning while I was waiting in a loooong line for preschool registration :-).

  49. Kayla says

    I had Dunkin Donuts coffee yesterday! There’s one right across the street from my office… so tempting!

  50. SaraRM says

    I had coffee 3 different times day. Bad. Very bad. Last one was after I woke up from my nap at 10am (yes nap, crazy training hours).

  51. Kasey says

    Ummm.. probably not since last summer as I’m more of a hot coffee drinker in the winter. Click is pretty awesome :)

  52. says

    I drank two cups last night. Yum. Click is awesome, learned about it from Skinny Runner, ordered some, and really enjoyed iced after hot runs last summer! I haven’t tried the Mocha, sounds good.

  53. Carly says

    I had iced dunkin donuts this afternoon before work–it’s the closest thing to a “double d” cup i’ll ever have!

  54. Lotta says

    Last coffee I had was with breakfast today.

    Whether I win or not, sounds like I should give CLICK a try…

  55. says

    i used to drink it all the time but i actually havent had any for about 10 weeks since im knocked up haha. i gave it up! it wasnt easy..but im over the hump now. after the baby comes ill jump back on again though i just love the taste so much

  56. Lacy says

    Had coffee this morning, brain doesn’t function properly without it nor should people talking to me before it kicks in O:-)

  57. Andrea says

    A friend brought me an iced latte this morning as “payment” for babysitting. Yum, yum – what a perfect way to start the day.

  58. Ariel says

    ooh I’ve been wanting to try Click! It’s been on my Amazon wishlist for months.

    I had coffee this morning- one of the perks of my job is free (good) coffee all day every day!

  59. Sarah says

    I just started drinking it last summer and now I’m addicted! But only iced coffee, I hate hot drinks!

  60. Sarah says

    I just started drinking coffee last summer and now I’m addicted!! I only like it iced though! I hate hot drinks!

  61. Jen S. says

    I drank a delicious cup of coffee with almond milk this morning! (almond milk is delish in your morning joe)

  62. Lena Van Horn says

    Wow, it’s been a long time. . . I don’t usually drink it because I always want to add sugar, chocolate and milk!! :-)

  63. Amy H. says

    I last had coffee this morning. I try to limit my caffeine intake to before noon, but I’ve got to have my morning cup (or 3) or joe every day.

  64. Laurel C says

    hmm let’s see……i had a cup at 7am, another cup at 9, then again at 1pm, and now my last cup of the day at 6:15! it’s not bad to overdose on caffeine is it? i sure hope not, cause coffee is my love!

  65. Jessica says

    Canadian bacon and 2 eggs would keep me full for about 1.4 seconds. Seriously. How about adding in some healthy carbs, like oatmeal?
    I don’t drink coffee but I enjoy a tablespoon of espresso powder in my smoothies, last time was last week.

  66. Maren says

    Nice! Ha not sure the last time I had coffee…I think I had an iced coffee last fall from McDonald’s! :)

  67. Jackie W. says

    A few years ago I had a cup, not a huge fan of all the caffeine, but do enjoy the taste. I’m usually more of a caffeine free tea girl!

  68. Heather says

    The last time I had coffee was at 630 this am. I was trying to get my self pumped up for work;) woohoo! I am looking for a way to add in some extra protein in my diet and this would make a great breakfast on the go!

  69. Lisa says

    Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: Is the earth shaking, Or is it just me?! I am struggling with cutting back on this brown, roasted, steamy drink of deliciousness. (can you tell) Last cup was around 6:00pm. Ah, I’m almost ready to get up again just to have more 😉

  70. Melissa R. says

    Last time I drank coffee?
    Just got back from NOLA and had some tasty coffee (and beignets, duh) at Cafe Du Monde! Hit me up :-)

  71. says

    I had half of a homemade latte this morning. I went to a teaching conference and I usually need that to get me going when I am just sitting in a chair and listening instead of up roaming around with my students.

  72. Amanda says

    Love your blog! Had coffee at a very cold and rainy outdoor wedding Saturday…they ended up running out of coffee at the reception because everyone was trying to warm up!

  73. Megan says

    I last drank coffee 3 hours ago . I usually warm up the remainder from my morning pot of joe to get me through the night :)

  74. heatherfeather says

    a day without coffee is….not worth getting out of bed!!! I need my morning Joe. I have a cup with breakfast to get me going.

  75. Sarah says

    Mmm I drank coffee this morning, I love the flavor but usually stick to decaf which doesn’t taste nearly as good

  76. Sarah says

    Had my daily brew this morning, nothing to brag about though. I need some new coffee in my life…something sweet and dark!

  77. Kristi says

    This morning! Every morning! I just bought a vitamix and am on the smoothie kick- this powder would be great to try!

  78. says

    I had coffee this evening right before a meeting around 6pm. I usually drink black coffee, but I saw a mocha frap flavored coffee drink I think by Seattle’s Best, in a can, with only 130 calories, so I went for it.
    I know this is random, Monica, but how do you take those screen shots, like of your FB page, and post them to your blog? Do you have to have an Apple computer? Thanks so much!

  79. Tami says

    The last time I had coffee was over a week ago, I think. It has been bothering my stomach, and I miss it so, so much :(

  80. susan says

    love coffee, must drink it everyday. I had 2 cups this morning. My weekly splurge of a skinny latte( $1.50 on “wired wednesday” and another cup @ 1 with lunch(which was oatmeal) I’m trying to cut back on afternoon coffee because it tends to send me crashing at around dinnertime.

  81. sara says

    i had coffee this morning with french vanilla creamer on ice. Tomorrow i’ll splurge on sbucks, americano with steamed soy!

  82. Katrina says

    I can’t even remember the last time I drank coffee! But when I walked by the coffee aisle in Safeway earlier, I breathed in and thoroughly enjoyed the scent =P

  83. says

    AHH!! I have been wanting to try Click forever but thought it was expensive in comparison to what I normally purchase. The last time I drank coffee was last weekend at a hotel “breakfast”… know the ones that have a few slices of bread and some cereal. We opted to go out and get some real food.

  84. Jessica says

    I like how that lean belly thing incorporates exercise but it’s heavily centered on meat. Ew. And it suggests you drink milk. Ew. Both are bad nutrition advice in my humble opinion.

    And the last time I had coffee was today. Had a cup of good ol’ Nescafe at my boyfriend’s mom’s house.

  85. Molly says

    I’m actually drinking a cup of coffee right now! It’s my morning ritual to drink coffee and read my favorite blogs. :)

  86. says

    i’m actually drinking my morning cup of coffee as I am writing this and reading your post. plain old dunkin donuts coffee with almond milk and stevia :)

  87. says

    I drank coffee about an hour ago. I have to have a cup every morning when I read my morning devotional. I need something that will get me going!

  88. Michelle says

    The last time I drank coffee was on Tuesday Morning. they’re my early days, as I have to be at work before 7 in the morning. :(

  89. Amanda L says

    the last time i made coffee was THIS MORNING!!! and after long runs i currently mix iced coffee with chocolate protein powder – but this sounds WAY better!!!!

  90. Jenn S says

    Drank black caramel Starbucks coffee this morning! I would love to start trying Click with my coffee and increasing my morning protein!

  91. Amanda says

    This morning on the way too work! I brewed up some Starbucks caramel coffee with International Delight Cinnabon creamer!

  92. says

    I just drank coffee this morning. I don’t particulary care for it, but I do care for the caffeine. A little too much. (Caffeine Addict here).

  93. Laura says

    I just got this blog, but I might be too late!!! The last time I drank coffee was two days ago. I love my Keurig!!!!

  94. Marija says

    Had a skinny vanilla from Starbucks this morning in fact! As soon as I try to drive the other way to resist temptation, my car’s internal gps always steers me there :)

  95. Kristie says

    It’s actually been 2 days since coffee. Not normal at all but I’ve been rushing out of the house w/ no time to make some and trying to save money by not buying some.

  96. Anna says

    I made my coffee this morning at 7:30am, put it in a good travel mug and finished 12 ounces around 10am. I have another 12 ounces in a super-awesome thermos that I’ll dig into around 2pm…crazy day at work!

  97. says

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