Natural Products Expo West 2012


I spent all day at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim. It is the biggest trade show of natural, organic and healthy products out today. There were over 3,000 exhibits and the place was packed! Most of the attendees are vendors or work for vendors. So there are tons of samples and information on new health products and food. The booths are hoping vendors will like … [Read more...]

Bread Is Bad


I mean, No Bread is Bad! But, we’ll get there… Yesterday I finally cooked up my 2 year old spaghetti squash. This beast was MASSIVE. I picked it up from TJ’s a while back – extra score because they don’t charge by weight so I picked the biggest one. I didn’t even fit in my microwave so I had to cut it in half first! Usually I poke holes in it and nuke it. Then, cut it when … [Read more...]