Bread Is Bad

I mean, No Bread is Bad! But, we’ll get there…

Yesterday I finally cooked up my 2 year old spaghetti squash. This beast was MASSIVE. I picked it up from TJ’s a while back – extra score because they don’t charge by weight so I picked the biggest one.IMG_7621 (800x600)

I didn’t even fit in my microwave so I had to cut it in half first! Usually I poke holes in it and nuke it. Then, cut it when it’s soft. I’ve broke 2 knives and almost lost a finger trying to cut squash before!IMG_7622 (800x600)

Spaghetti squash with turkey and sauce. I love the sauce.IMG_7628 (800x600)

And I got this package in the mail yesterday that I couldn’t wait to try – Mexican Hot Chocolate Granola from Nuts About Granola! It’s like they made this flavor for me Winking smilemexican hot chocolate granola

The serving size was 1 bag.

Wait, I read that wrong – 1 ounce. The serving size is 1 ounce. So I busted out my food scale and discovered that would be about 1/3c of granola.IMG_7640 (600x800)

This Mexican was interested in trying some too (or just being nosy).IMG_7641 (600x800)

I ate a cup while watching Jersey Shore. Now that I like Sammy I’m sad she’s not a bigger part of the show. And I do totally think Snooki hooked up with Mike.


If you missed the episode the WSJ has a full recap here.

Or you can watch the Full Episode here on MTV.

This morning I did an easy 3 miler. I have a long run tomorrow and didn’t want to get too crazy with it.

And had an egg sandwich cooked up in my head for breakfast. But, I’m out of bread!??!*&#^@%$!!?!!?! I don’t know how I could let that happen, but I had to make a wrap instead. It’s not the same. IMG_7644 (800x600)

Today I’m headed to the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim!

I went last year and had a blast trying all the new foods soon to hit the shelves! I’ll bring back a full report of new finds and must haves tonight!natural products expo west

Friday Favorites:

On my 4 year blogaversary I asked for suggestions and many of you asked for a list of my favorite blogs.

You can find a list of blogs I read here: Blog Roll

Question: What is one food you make sure you never run out of?


  1. says

    I really wish grocery stores would sell spaghetti squash pre-cut! I’ve come close to losing a finger many times too. Haven’t broken a knife yet though, but almost!

  2. says

    I’ve never had spaghetti squash before…guess I need to try that because it looks good!

    I always have tuna packets on hand (now with low sodium!)…it’s always a quick go to meal if I’m in a rush or just lazy.

  3. says

    Almond butter. Ohmahgaww it’s a mustie (must have) in my house. Ive only been living with my bf for 2 weeks and he has already been trained to check the almond butter level before he leaves for work to see if he needs to make a grocery store run before coming home!

  4. says

    I make sure I NEVER am without some type of ice cream treat. Yum, yum. We had spaghetti squash growing up. I think it has a weird texture, but is ok. We would have it with spaghetti sauce & Italian sausage. Speaking of Italian sausage, what do you think about Snooki being engaged & preggers?

  5. says

    That’s the flavor I created in the NAG contest a few months ago…it won!! It makes me so happy to see other people try and like it! Kinda spicy and different, right? It’s amazing on banana soft serve:)

  6. Elissa says

    I basically almost lost my entire hand the last time I tried to cut a spaghetti squash. It was intense.

    I always make sure I have eggs. Without those I would be lost with what to have for breakfas.

  7. Marcee says

    Hahaha. Ohh. Laughing too hard here.

    These comments are hysterical today! Body parts being lost re squash. Jeez. Hey gals …. be careful. Roast first …. then cut.

    Very true …. I often freak about eggs …. running out of them. Ha. I always have “organic eggs” on each grocery list. Then we very often wind up with way too many. (Make egg or tuna salad!)

    Thankfully Monica …. bread is good …. very-very wonderful. I could never live without it. Today we picked up a fresh sabbath (round) challah from our Jewish bakery. Just absolutely delicious.

    Happy weekend!

  8. says

    That squash was huge!!! I’d classify it as a clunky weapon 😀 I used to have a Mexican roommate that was in studying to be a Doctor and he would bring back spicy chocolate from his trips back home. I was always curious but never did get around to trying any.

  9. says

    I can never allow myself to run out of peanut butter, Greek yogurt or frozen fruit for smoothies. I must be stocked up!

    I feel like Mike would have given up by now if he and Snooki didn’t so SOMETHING. and I have noticed that now that Sam and Ronnie aren’t fighting every two seconds, we never actually see them.

  10. says

    PHEW. so relieved we are talking about something IMPORTANT…

    Snooki HOOKED up with Mike.
    I’m pretty sure.

    Also, please tell me that I wasnt alone in ‘lol’ing at Paulie & Vinny in the ‘indoor hot tub’ playing volleyball 1 inch away from each other!!


  11. Andrea says

    Marcee is right, ROAST the squash (gotta go oven, if the squash isn’t well-ventilated it will explode in the microwave), THEN cut it how you please. Same applies to butternuts and the like.


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