Sunny Sunday Snake Hike in Laguna


Ben was itching to get outside today and I’m always down for a walk so when he suggested a hike I jumped at the idea. It was right around lunch time so we packed a lunch and found a hiking area with picnic tables. I packed a salad and Pirate’s Booty. I love me some booty! Question: “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?” (answer at bottom of post) We started at the Nix … [Read more...]

Endurance Live with Refuel


Wow! Last night was so much fun (hence the late post)! Yesterday I attended the Refuel got chocolate milk press conference to unveil their new “My After” ad campaign. They revealed the new athletes, print ads and we got a sneak peak of the web clips. The new Refuel athletes include:  Ricky Berens (swimmer), Chloe Sutton (swimmer), Apollo Ono (speed skater), and Sarah … [Read more...]