No Way, Yes Whey Protein


Monday. Done. I spent the day at my mom’s working on blogging and writing projects. I’m also working on updating the FAQ page so if you have one, send it over Today I tried Cherries Jubilee (my favorite protein powder flavor) in whey. I liked it! This may be a great option if I want to stay away from soy protein. I live over an hour south of my peeps so I grabbed some … [Read more...]

How Not To Die (from a Rattle Snake Bite)


The best thing about visiting my mom’s is her GIANT fridge! I raided that sucker for a colorful lunch salad. Wait. Maybe the best thing about visiting my mom’s is her avocado trees because she has a ton of ripe ones and I added one to my salad. Free fresh avocado – not sure if it gets any better than that… My little brother, Matt and cat Lucky in front of previously … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday


Happy Monday! I set my alarm for 6 for an early run but it was still super dark when I set out. Since my only speed route (read: flat) is on a dark trail I decided to switch it to tomorrow for safety reasons (even though I do run faster when I’m scared!). 4 Miles Tempo: 33:01 Then, I took a shower and grabbed breakfast. I made pumpkin oats and put them in a peanut butter jar … [Read more...]