Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! I set my alarm for 6 for an early run but it was still super dark when I set out. Since my only speed route (read: flat) is on a dark trail I decided to switch it to tomorrow for safety reasons (even though I do run faster when I’m scared!).

4 Miles Tempo: 33:01IMG 7721 600x800 thumb Motivation Monday

Then, I took a shower and grabbed breakfast. I made pumpkin oats and put them in a peanut butter jar for easy transport. The added bonus of OIAJ is that they fit in the cup holder!IMG 7730 800x600 thumb Motivation Monday

But, I did wonder if my fellow drivers thought I was eating straight up PB for breakfast…IMG 7732 600x800 thumb Motivation Monday

I rushed out of the house because I had my annual physical today. Lucky me. When I rushed out the door Ben said, “Have fun!”. Um, no. No I will not.IMG 7741 800x600 thumb Motivation Monday

It must be a pain to be my doctor.IMG 7737 800x600 thumb Motivation Monday

Thyroid update: My T-3 levels are better, but I stopped taking the Cytomel because it was making me crash an hour after I would take it. My doctor is switching me to a compound version. Luckily, I can get it right next door to her office.

The pharmacist there was AMAZING. She asked me tons of questions about why I was on this, my levels, habits, other meds. And then she suggested taking a B-complex and Ashwaganda. We ended up talking for over a half an hour and she answered tons of questions about supplements for endurance athletes too!!! It was the best.

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From my doc’s I headed to my mom’s (I was in the area since I’ve kept my doctor). As soon as I walked in I raided her kitchen for some fruit. She swore I had to try this new Nature Valley Protein bar. It’s good, but a little high in calories for something that still just seems like a granola bar.IMG 7746 800x600 thumb Motivation Monday

I was super inspired by all the athletes and highlight clips I saw at the LA Live Event on Saturday (I’m even considering trying a tri!). So I want to pass along some of that motivation to you with this Refuel Training video with Dara Torres.

Question: What’s your motivation today?

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  1. says

    I tried those granola bars last week! They are good but I agree with you on the high number of calories for essentially a glorified granola bar.

    My motivation today is the beautiful weather they are predicting for my area for the next week – bring on spring!

  2. says

    I had my annual physical today too – not fun but helpful, because we’re going to TTC soon and she gave me some advice.

    And you should definitely do a tri! They’re a lot of fun. I’ve done about 7 and have loved them.

  3. says

    How awesome to have such a great pharmacist!! That’s amazing. I love to hear positive things like that!! Today I’m motivated because I get to try some new class at my gym. It’s some barre class… that’s a little intimidating for a runner. Haha.

  4. says

    When my doc started me on Cytomel, I would totally crash mid day. It wasn’t until they added the synthroid and I got on a twice a day pattern with Cytomel that things evened out. T3 is crazy–the levels change all day long, and it is so unpredictable! I hope the change works out well for you!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing Ari. Yeah the pharmacist was curious about why I was only on Cyto. But after talking with her she thinks I’ll feel a ton better with the supplements. We’ll see…

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    I just started “Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Woman Run” and recently finished “Running World’s Complete Book of Women’s Running.” Both books are giving me such motivation to continue on my journey of training for a 5k.

  6. says

    I’m thinking about getting my first gps watch and retiring my iPhone from my runs. I notice you use a Garmin, have you tried other brands? Is there a reason why you prefer Garmin over another brand? Love the blog!! Thanks for the help!

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