Brandy Chastain and a Frittata


Unfortunately, I did not eat a frittata with Brandy Chastain today. The title is just referencing my dinner and interview As soon as Cindy left I made a super quick lunch and rushed out the door. I ate this in the car on the way to work. I’ll never learn my lesson on only eating easy foods on the road... On a random errand I stopped by the Strawberry stand for 20 bucks worth … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–Buddy Up!


Well, the whole “don’t eat at night” thing is going a lot better than ever before! But, I wake up hungry. So today I had breakfast before my run. And I had a bad run because my quads are shot to hell from yesterday’s squats. Bah. But, I had a good watermelon and that’s really all that matters It’s funny that I talked about how to approach living healthy without offending … [Read more...]