Treadmill to Outside Running and Shin Splints


Happy Thursday! I gotta make this fast – Jersey Shore is on! <My day in food and junk. Scroll if you don’t give a good damn.> My day started with pumpkin oat bran. I’m not sure why exactly. Oh, it was because Ben was eating oatmeal and I’m easily influenced. I love eating oatmeal, but I’m always hungry 40 minutes later. But, after my 4 mile walk (that with some … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday – Hangover Remedies


Let’s play a little drinking game – every time I do a confession you take a shot… of water, hello. This is a family show. Confession Thursday (God Bless little red headed kids.) 1. I call my foam roller a “churro”. 2. Sometimes when I’m eating cheese or fro-yo I say, “Thank God I’m not lactose intolerant.” Out loud. It’s very weird in public (and to my neighbors since I’m … [Read more...]