Confession Thursday – Hangover Remedies

Let’s play a little drinking game – every time I do a confession you take a shot… monica and susan drinkof water, hello. This is a family show.

Confession Thursday

(God Bless little red headed kids.)PRAYING_thumb

1. I call my foam roller a “churro”.

2. Sometimes when I’m eating cheese or fro-yo I say, “Thank God I’m not lactose intolerant.” Out loud. It’s very weird in public (and to my neighbors since I’m really loud).

3. I hide the iced coffee in the back of the fridge so Ben can’t find it. (You know because guys don’t know there’s stuff behind the front row.)

4. I check emails while going pee. (Think about that next time you email me.)

5. I’m planning my summer vacation instead of being productive today.

6. I enjoy a good adult beverage.IMG_7847 (800x532)

Sometimes too much.IMG_0785 (800x600)

7. One time on the way to Las Vegas my friends and I pre-hydrated with Pedialyte. One of them swore it was the best way to avoid a hangover. Oddly, I can’t remember how that worked out for us. Nevermind.

St. Patrick’s Day is this Saturday! And I know a lot of you like to party. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to help…

The peeps at VitaCoco say their coconut water is the perfect Hangover Remedy! vitacoco

Dehydration is the biggest cause of headache pains the day after imbibing.

· Alcohol acts as a diuretic, pushing larger amounts of fluid out of the body than is taken in through drinking.

· Alcohol blocks the hormone in our body that allows our kidneys to reabsorb water.

Vita Coco is a perfect hydrator to help subside a hangover headache caused by dehydration. Not only is it all natural, with nothing artificial, it gives you a nutrition bang for your buck, with lots of nutrients inherent to coconut water without all the extra calories.

Sodium and Potassium:

Dehydration and frequent urination from drinking deplete sodium and potassium levels in our body and contribute to the harsh effects of a hangover.  After these levels reach a certain low, they can contribute to the typical hangover symptoms of nausea, fatigue and headache.  Vita Coco replenishes these levels, with one serving containing around 30 mg of sodium and 515 mg of potassium.

Giveaway: 1 case of Vitacoco Water

To Enter: Leave a comment with your adult beverage of choice.

You don’t have to be 21 to enter, but you do have to live in the US. Contest ends 3/16/12 at noon PST.


  1. Shayne says

    Wow! ive never been number 1 before. My fave adult beverage is a tequila shot but if i have to choose a beverage ,I would pick a large glass of peach sangria!

  2. Dynamics says

    Husband says to eat a Chunky chocolate bar and guaranteed to not have a hangover. I think he just wants an excuse to eat chocolate.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Best. Giveaway. Ever!! My favorite drink is red wine.. boring.. I know but If you get the Rainwater (the brand).. it is like drinking grape juice! It is AWESOME!!

  4. says

    coconut water is the BIGGEST life saver on the planet. Especially when I over indulge in my favorite glasses of white wine and vodka water with lime (you’d think the water would cancel it all out…it doesn’t…oh lord it doesn’t).

  5. Rachel says

    Lately I’ve been loving a big glass of red wine! Wine=serious headache the next morning, so it would be great to try Vitacoco Water!

  6. Stephanie says

    I’m a cranberry and vodka girl. I try to convince myself that it’s halfway good for me because there’s cranberry juice. =P

  7. Tori says

    I love Pimm’s cup! I spent a few spring and summer months in England and it’s such a fruity, light, summery drink. You’d buy a pitcher and take it on a picnic. I’ve yet to find satisfactory Pimm’s cup in the US.

  8. Kaelin says

    In my college days, I was all about large quantities of any long island variation. Now I stick to a tasty craft beer or two.

  9. Chicagoposh says

    Been enjoying one to many Greyhounds lately.

    White Grapefruit Juice + Vodka = Mommy needs to take a break

  10. Elissa says

    I swear my boy thinks there’s nothing in the fridge beyond the milk carton. Or he just doesn’t know how to look with his eyes open. It’s wildly entertaining when he searches for something in the fridge and “can’t find it.” That’s a good idea to hide things in the back, I’ll have to try that.

    I like to drink tasty beer. There’s a bar here in town that has tons of different beers on tap. It’s awesome (if you like beer).

  11. Shannon says

    I have to choose one??
    Wine is more of a stand-by…
    I guess my favorite is homemade Red Sangria!
    Also love a good margarita or vodka/cranberry!

    Who doesn’t love coconut water? It’s needs more good PR.

    Have a great, great day!

  12. Jen says

    I can’t pick between margaritas or a really good wheat beer… hmm carbs. And seriously, they aren’t joking about coconut water, one before and after drinking, and it does miracles.

  13. Cindy says

    I looooove a good chocolate martini. Although, who am I kidding? I love most alcohol, especially in the summer when you’re hanging outside with friends. :)

  14. Jess says

    I love all different sorts of microbrews, the more bitter the better! My love of beer evolved into my husband and I becoming home brewers. Now that is some dedication!

  15. Rebecca says

    I try to stick to vodka/soda/lime (to keep the calories low) but I’ve been very in to mojitos lately for a treat :)

  16. Rika says

    This post made me laugh 😀 I JUST turned 21 and have no experience with drinks so I’m just going to say my adult beverage of choice is coffee- which is a diuretic too!

  17. says

    That is hilarious on #3. And so true. If I need to hide stuff from my 17 year old son, I put it in the back. Same with the pantry. Never searches beyond the front.

    Pedialyte. nice one. I take a couple aspirin and a huge glass of water before bed. it helps. but water after drinking taste nasty. so I like your idea better. will try it out.

  18. Sarah says

    I suck at drinking these days. Half a glass of wine and I’m tipsy. I am officially old (27 is rough). But, given the options, white wine seems to make me feel the least shitty so I stick with it. I like to sip a glass of Voignier or Pinot Blanc, even though I have no idea how to pronounce them.

  19. Audra H says

    I don’t really drink, but this warm weather is making a frozen drink sound pretty good- Coconut Daiquiri, please!

  20. says

    I stopped drinking alcohol a couple of years ago because I was getting really bad headaches even from just 1 glass of wine. So now my favorite adult beverage is coffee!

  21. says

    My favorite drink is a rum and coke – a little alcohol to relax, and a little caffeine to perk up! It was a great study drink back in college :)

  22. Jen Geatz says

    Beer and Clamato…. Hangover remedy: When you get home from a night out on the town, before you go to bed; take a glass of water, 2 Alka-Seltzer tabs, plug your nose and drink it down. Works like a charm.

  23. Mandi says

    I always (or at least whenever I remember in advance to purchase some) drink coconut water to cure a hangover! That and cup-a-soup always does the trick.
    Red wine is my favorite. Or Gin and club soda with lemon juice

  24. Rachie G says

    Humm probably a good glass of white wine (or a bottle). Had an Irish car bomb last night, paying for it today there are just some things no one should drink after the age of twenty three

  25. Mary R. says

    My favorite drink and the only thing I drink is Long Island Ice tea. This is tragic since it’s like 5 shots in one and can be up to 600 calories. It is delicious though, lol.
    Thanks for doing the healthy giveaways!
    Btw, I’m totally stalking your blog. Everyday I read the current post and spend at least a few hours reading older posts.

  26. Courtney says

    I’m 18 so technically I shouldn’t have any “choice beverage” but I happen to love a good glass of wine, or celebratory champagne (with my mom, actually!) (;

  27. brittany says

    Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Bloody Mary’s if it’s before noon… I remember seeing coconut water advertised EVERYWHERE in Vegas as nature’s cure to a hangover…

  28. Bethany says

    Umm… I don’t drink, but I still really want to win! My favorite ‘guilty pleasure’ drink is Dr Pepper with real sugar, not HFCS. It is so amazing, I can’t drink any other soda!!

  29. says

    lol, I totally “hide” stuff in the fridge from my husband meaning I simply place things behind other things.

    My favorite adult beverage is anything fruity. Mai Tais are good.

  30. says

    How hilarious is it that I actually drink VitaCoco when I have a hangover – because it seriously helps. My body just can’t handle water after I drink too much – but this stuff is magic. I am obsessed with it. And my bank account could use a free case. My favorite adult beverage…I’m a rum girl! Captain and Coke or rum and pineapple juice is my thang.

  31. Meg says

    I don’t drink but did want to say I too have to confess # 4! Even talking on the phone (then my husband yells at me later I forgot to flush) TMI sorry!

  32. Lauren says

    I would have to say a glass of Champagne because it’s usually enjoyed with friends or family when celebrating.

  33. says

    A churro… this made me laughed out loud, i’m at work so good thing everyone is out to lunch!

    My fav adult drink is usually anything sweet, i’m not a beer drinker tho my husband makes it. I do like malibu rum mixed with pretty much anything.

    I check my email or play words with friends when I go pee… TMI, sorry

  34. says

    My husband and I were just talking about hangovers and wishing they didn’t exist. Having three children, hangovers are aren’t really an option! BUT I still enjoy a diet coke and spiced rum every now and then :)

  35. Amanda says

    Love VitaCoco! My favorite adult beverage is Strawberry Stoli and Soda – but it’s so hard to find places that carry it!

  36. Kristin says

    Oh how I love a cherry vodka sour. I get teased about it because my initial love for it was that it was pink.

  37. Rachael Ann says

    Under 21 here!! Of course being a college student I have never imbibed 😉 but I’ll go with kombucha as a compromise between the spirit of the question and my underage-ness!

  38. Emily says

    I love 3 Olives brand Root Beer Vodka with Diet Cream Soda! Tastes like a Root Beer float and goes down a little too smoothly;)

  39. Amanda says

    BEER! And good beer, do not give me a bud light/coors light/miller light and call that beer! As the weather is getting nicer I am more inclinded to reach for some blueberry or raspberry ale!! Yum Yum Yum! My beverage of choice used to be whipped cream vodka, straight up with whip cream on top…. yeah that ended poorly.

  40. lindsay says

    could i be any more boring? a glass of crisp sauvignon blanc … or a great draft beer. preferably a citrusy wheat beer.

  41. Christy says

    It’s a tie between margaritas and a good beer. Seeing that it’s St Patricks Day, we will celebrating with some Murphy’s Stout. After visiting Ireland I fell in love!

  42. Wendy says

    Cafe Amaretto :) I love coffee drinks!
    So adding a little Amaretto and Kahlua to my beverage of choice only makes it better!

  43. amanda says

    I normally go with beer but if I do a mixed drink I love what is called a “swirl” at Uncle Julios. It is a sangria/margarita mix

  44. says

    I just discovered vanilla vodka diet coke last weekend. I don’t really drink, but that’s my new favorite. My go to drink is a rasperry vodka tonic. :-)

  45. Molly says

    PBR in the evening. Unless I’m going out, then it’s a G&T. Bloody Mary’s in the morning, extra EXTRA spicy!

  46. says

    my adult beverage of choice is sauvignon blanc..mmm i love it!! i go through phases with drinks though..i went through an apple martini phase..then dirty martini…then wine. im stuck on wine now yummy

  47. Christina says

    You know because guys don’t know there’s stuff behind the front row. –haha, so very true!! (I also use that trick :))

    My favorite adult beverage is a glass of riesling.

  48. Denise P. says

    I like sweet stuff- like dessert wines.

    I’ll never forget St. Patty’s Day 6 years ago – I went out with a guy friend and had too much Jaeger – ohh it was so bad. Luckily he was such a sweetie and took care of me all night. And I had to move the next day, that was really hard to try and hide the hangover from my parents who were helping. I’ve never touched the stuff since.

  49. Kathy R. says

    Trying to lose some weight, so don’t imbibe much right now, and when I do I stick to one wine or light beer.

  50. Liz says

    Gin & Tonics! But in celebration of St Patrick’s, I may need to have an Irish car bomb this weekend. 😉

  51. says

    My favorite adult beverage is a Diddy Up named after the infamous P-Diddy, and strangely appears to be only mixed in a Friday’s in NYC. My 2nd fave and usual go to is Jack N Ginger.

  52. Cari says

    I really like what i call a “mocha loca” (made it up myself haha)– it’s got Adult Chocolate Milk, Kahlua, coffee, some cinnamon, and a pinch of cayenne :)

  53. Kate says

    Wine! Wine wine wine wine wine!! Red, white, sparkling, green (vinho verde)…I love it all (except Chardonnay)!! And I also love VitaCoco. :)

  54. says

    I like vodka and soda with some citrus and stevia, or a nice french white wine. :) And when I’m at home partying on the patio, I always have a bottle full of nuun. I call it magical juice, because I rarely get hangovers with it!

  55. says

    My favorite adult beverage would have to be a long island, probably because i always picture myself on the beach when i drink it

  56. Hannah M. says

    Fun question!

    At home, just give me a good old Bud Light.

    Out on the town, I love Cranberry and Vodka!

  57. says

    I’m not really a hard alcohol lover, and though I’m a complete wino (dry red pretty please), I’d have to say my drink of choice is Killian’s Irish Red… not that I’m biased by being and irish redhead or anything… I’ll actually be running my first race of the year on St. Patty’s too… double the fun my friend.

  58. Rachael Johnson says

    Hmm… this is a tough one. I guess I would have to say a nice cold beer on a hot summer day, or a sex on the beach! Because those are just delicious.

  59. Amanda L says

    Um, I live in (and was born and raised in) New Orleans. Name a beverage, and its my favorite. However, here, its not spring, its “crawfish season” so at the moment beer is my drink of choice. perfect combo!

  60. Jennyh says

    Adult beverage of choice….I like this question! Mine varies by season :) winter: beer, spring: white wine, summer: mojitos, fall: more beer !!

  61. Ariel says

    My favorite adult beverage is one that my friend and I made for New Years because we had 2 lbs of meyer lemons. It had meyer lemon simple syrup, vodka, and champagne. You can’t even taste the alcohol which makes it equal parts delicious and dangerous!

  62. Heather says

    I love Pinnacle whipped vodka mixed with orange pop, tastes like a creamsicle! And of course, anything Skinnygirl(when I’m trying to be ‘good’).

  63. says

    Oh man I can totally vouch for coconut water being the magical hangover cure. I may or may not have had almost a whole bottle of wine by myself once, drank a giant class of coconut water, 100% the next day. Win.

    I love me a good glass of white wine. Although Wilson Creek (in temecula) has an amazing rose that is in my top 5 :)

  64. Aimee M says

    Before last weekend my favorite drink was tanqueray tonic double lime, but I heard a girl order a cherry vodka tonic with extra cherries and thats my new drink of choice!

  65. Jennie says

    I have never commented but i read your blog every day. Every one of the days. My buddy saw on Mob Wives today that vodka is called Devil Water. So, my beverage of choice is a Devil Water with lime flavored tonic, with a splash of cranberry dry. Both diet. Jesus and the devil care about our waistlines.

  66. Sarah says

    I always have and always will be a Cosmo Girl. Give me a good Cosmopolitan and I’m golden. But I do insist that it is made with Belvedere or Grey Goose. I am less likely to feel the pain on the following day with a good vodka. When I was younger though charcoal filter vodka was just fine.

  67. says

    Wine, sangria especially! I really don’t drink much because I genuinely don’t like the taste of alcohol, but wine & sangria are delish :-)

  68. says

    I don’t drink anymore (yeah, I’m 25 and abstain–I’m a grandma. haha), but when I did, I was all about the White Russians…and not just the drink ;).

  69. Karen says

    There’s too many to choose from. But, if I had to narrow it down-white wine (Riesling or Moscato). I’m not really a beer girl. As for mixed drinks-margarita on the rocks or a Tom Collins (old timey, I know).

  70. amy miller says

    My favorite adult beverage is malibu and cranberry juice. Or a white Russian. Or rumchata. I have too many favorites…

  71. Autumn Rae says

    Sam Adams Cherry Wheat! Unfortunately I won’t be partying it up this St. Pat’s Day…I signed up for an all day boot camp instead. Who am I?!

  72. zoe says

    Oh – I sooo want this! Favorite “go to” is a gin gimlet. Moscow mules come in a close second, and a good glass of full bodied red wine is third.

  73. erin says

    toss up- A liter if Hofbrau Dunkel or my summer go-to, Kettle One with Cranberry and a splash of pineapple! mmmm

  74. christine e says

    I discovered the Skinnygirl Margarita last week and LOVE IT! I want to try the Skinnygirl Sangria too, but I couldn’t find it.

    • says

      I guess I should’ve followed instructions :(
      My favorite adult beverages include dark, coffee, chocolately beers (Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout…mmmm) and the Raspberry Kombucha Collins from a restaurant in Madison.

  75. Brooke says

    Ooooh! My favorite drink is an AMF! Adios MotherTrucker!
    I have been wanting to try coconut water too, not only for hangover relief but I’ve heard its just awesome in general for hydration. Love your blog, you are very inspiring and make me want to eat weird things. :)

  76. Sarah says

    Baileys in coffee or a “Skinny margarita” made with whipped vodka, soda water, and a splash of pineapple juice! MMMMMM!

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