I’m Addicted to Sugar


Ben didn’t work today so we decided to do a “day date”. By the time we decided this it was lunch time so we picked the closest place, Sizzler. Fancy huh. It’s hard to pile salad on a flat plate, so I had two… We just did the salad bar and two warm super soft rolls were delivered to our table with honey butter. Ah-mazing. Then, we went to see Wanderlust. I liked it! After … [Read more...]

Fun Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I watched the last Jersey Shore yesterday. I don’t know when I started to actually like that show and those people, but I do. Don’t judge. We all have our things. Last night I took “sleep squares” that are supposed to help you sleep. No, it’s not a cute name for roofies, I got them from the Natural Products expo. Anyways, they give me the saddest … [Read more...]