Shamrock Shake and Mexican Dogs Love Guacamole


I was pretty hungry around 1:30pm and decided to make my craving – a Shamrock Shake(source) I don’t necessarily like Shamrock Shakes as much as knowing I can’t have one makes me want one (Lent and Shamrock shake season always collide). Plus, I don’t really “get” sucking a thick shake through a straw . I’m more of a scoop girl. So today I made a homemade Shamrock Shake with a … [Read more...]

13 Miles in the Rain


Hello there! Living in southern California, I am a fair weather friend runner. So, when I heard it was supposed to be rainy all weekend I wasn’t sure what to do about my long run. Since it wasn’t that cold (55-ish degrees) I decided to accept the wet and go for it. Pre-game. I mean, pre-run fuel = sunflower butta toast with chia seeds and a side of cat. Then, I drove to my … [Read more...]