13 Miles in the Rain

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Hello there! Living in southern California, I am a fair weather friend runner. So, when I heard it was supposed to be rainy all weekend I wasn’t sure what to do about my long run. Since it wasn’t that cold (55-ish degrees) I decided to accept the wet and go for it.

Pre-game. I mean, pre-run fuel = sunflower butta toast with chia seeds and a side of cat.IMG 8023 800x600 thumb 13 Miles in the Rain

Then, I drove to my favorite neighborhood loop. As soon as I got out of the car the rain changed to a drizzle! Thank you Jesus. I was supposed to do 18 miles, but I knew I would have to play it by ear depending on the weather. IMG 8026 600x800 thumb 13 Miles in the Rain

It took a full 5 miles to get into a groove. Every single one of those first miles I considered postponing my long run to tomorrow. I was not feeling it. At mile 6 I decided to hang in there for another loop. At some point I decided to cut it to 13 for today and that was a good choice – as soon as I got into my car it started POURING and got super windy.

Solo Half Marathon wlEmoticon smile10 13 Miles in the Rain

13.1 miles – 1:57:15 Average 8:57IMG 8032 600x800 thumb 13 Miles in the Rain

And my usual post long run ritual… Whole Foods. I know it’s weird but I’ve been craving vegan food lately and really wanted to hit up Native Foods yesterday. I miss eating veggie protein these days…IMG 8035 800x600 thumb 13 Miles in the Rain

The last time I ran in the rain was 10 miles January. I’m just glad I don’t have to run in the snow anymore! Even though I do miss dressing like a crazy…cold weather running gear thumb 13 Miles in the Rain

Check out my cold weather running post if you hafta run in the elements!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s so rainy out I don’t think Ben and I are going to do anything wlEmoticon sadsmile3 13 Miles in the Rain We’ll see if it lets up so I can go out. According to one of my clients if you have red hair you are required by Irish law to go out to a bar today.

Better get my drink green on…monica bio thumb 13 Miles in the Rain

refuse told color wear st patricks day ecard someecards thumb 13 Miles in the Rain

Question: Who’s wearing green today?


  1. says

    I am!! My kids and I ran a 1 mile shamrock shuffle this morning :) It was my 4 and 6 year olds first race and my 7 year olds 2nd. We made shirts for it and everything lol. No rain here right now, but the wind is INSANE!!! It literally blew over my 4 year old this morning while on the course.

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    Glad to hear you still made it out, regardless of the rain. I didn’t have the same willpower though and went to the gym instead. I’ll man up tomorrow. :D

  3. says

    I don’t even like driving 13 miles ;0) You ROCK!

    am a huge fan of Native Foods!! I totally have a craving for one of their bowls. Love their patio too.

    I think the weather is effecting my motivation. All this gloomyness made Fri’s workout make me want to die. You know how after a good warm up you can normally get into a rhythm…? Yeah, didn’t happen. I didn’t force it. That’s always when I get injured.

    I love it when it rains, but was actually looking forward to a Hermosa St Paddy’s Day pub crawl :( :( No green beer for this girl …guess I’ll be forced to stay in, watch movies, play battlefield ^-^ & make soup.

    Happy st Paddy’s !!

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    Nice run! You should probably go celebrate St. Patric’s day… just sayin’! I ran a race this morning which of course, meant it was acceptable to drink beer at 9am. Running makes alcoholism acceptable in society! :-)

  5. Dynamics says

    My dad always wore Orange. I guess this is not a very well known tradition, but going on since 1690. As a kid, I always wore both just to be safe.

  6. says

    I realize every year that I don’t own a single green thing. Does this encourage me to actually do something about it? Apparently not as I look back at my closet of blues, grays, whites and blacks. Sad…lol

  7. says

    You look gorgeous in green! It’s interesting to hear you got into your groove after 5 miles… my first couple of miles are usually the hardest, and once I’m at 5 I’m just looking for the end. It makes me think that if I keep pushing through the point that I feel like stopping, I might make it through and out the other side!

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