Sunday Set Up and Roasted Cauliflower


I’m working for a corporate wellness event this week and will be helping to lead a hike tomorrow and a power walk session on Thursday. This afternoon I headed to a meeting for the group. The event is being held at a fancy shmancy hotel in Orange County. The fitness leaders all meet here and grab our groups for hikes, strength, walking, yoga or gym time. After the meeting I … [Read more...]

Sunday Breakfast and Lunch


And the winner of the most uninventive blog post title goes to… Me. Thank you, thank you. Or should I say… Sorry, Sorry? Sunday is always a rest day for me (unless it’s a Race Day) so I did a 3 mile walk to shake out my legs and came home for breakfast. Walking makes me hungrier than running for some reason and I came home with a growling stomach! (I think that’s because … [Read more...]