Sunday Set Up and Roasted Cauliflower

I’m working for a corporate wellness event this week and will be helping to lead a hike tomorrow and a power walk session on Thursday. This afternoon I headed to a meeting for the group.

The event is being held at a fancy shmancy hotel in Orange County. The fitness leaders all meet here and grab our groups for hikes, strength, walking, yoga or gym time. IMG_8078 (800x600)

After the meeting I ate the snack I packed while en-route to Costco for supplies toilet paper and veggies. It was pumpkin with honey greek yogurt and pp spice. Loved it. I am going to eat this everyday for a week. IMG_8080 (800x600)

I’m pretty sure I managed to dip the end of my braid into the pumpkin mixture. Fantastic.IMG_8083 (600x800)

I came home and got myself ready for a good week with the usual Sunday Set Up fun… cleaning, food shopping, laundry. Ben helped a ton Smileclean?

But, we gotta get some spring cleaning done up in here. Our exercise corner is turning into a junk corner…IMG_8087 (800x533)

I bought a cauliflower at the Farmer’s Market on Friday and roasted it up with some brussel sprouts today.IMG_8092 (800x533)

Random – I really wanted a veggie burger to go along with this, but am all out Sad smile I’ve been craving vegan food and veggie burgers and all my old vegetarian staples. When I hit up WF I miss being vegetarian because I feel like I would peruse the store for hours looking for new, healthy finds. I miss that.IMG_8096 (800x533)

And I ended up baking some healthy(?) PB Chocolate Chip Cookies the other night in a fit of desperation. They came out good and I had a few of those with milk.IMG_8102 (800x533)

Sunday Set Up for the week:

This week is going to be busy! I need to report to the hotel tomorrow morning at 6:45am for the hike group. Then, have the Subaru First Car Shoot on Tuesday. Work work on Wed. and back to the hotel Thur. morning.

I’m hoping to get in a run tomorrow after the hike and stick to my training plan the rest of the week.

Question: Highlight of your weekend?

I’m going to say my Wanderlust date with Ben was the best Smile


  1. says

    The highlight of my weekend was witnessing a great man named Brian run 135 miles to honor fallen soldiers from Wisconsin in the Promises to Keep 135 mile run. I also got to experience the PTK 10K, in which active military members, veterans, and community members could join in and help push a veteran in a specialized running chair for the 10K. Most amazing weekend ever!

  2. says

    The highlight of my weekend was running for 5 minutes three times. I just started a couch to 5k training program and I am so excited for exceeding my expectations this weekend. Furthermore, running really helped me forget about my problems and forced me to focus on the present while appreciating the sun, clouds, and trees.

  3. says

    Long run with a friend…it’s been a while since the both us did any long runs…we took it easy (or so we thought) and was amazed at the final timing.

  4. says

    I’m obsessed with roasted cauliflower – definitely the best way to eat it. The highlight of my weekend was two gorgeous hikes that I went on. One alone for some “me” time and the other with my best friend :)

  5. Kristie says

    Maybe I’m missing/forgetting something, but why can’t you still browse WF for new things/buy veggie things as a non-vegetarian?

  6. Katie P says

    There is definitely a tie for by weekend highlight, it’s either
    The massages I treated my boyfriend and myself too as a reward for finishing my taxes
    Getting to talk to my friend who moved to London 18 months ago for the first time in a month, I miss her so much!
    Oooo I really want to see Wanderlust now, love me some Paul Rudd!

  7. says

    Yum, those veggies look delicious! This was a pretty fun weekend with two night’s worth of dancing. But now I think I need to sleep for the rest of the week. lol

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