Cut Carbs 2 Times and Bee Lovin’

Ben and I were fighting yesterday and are in the post-fight “I really love you and want to see you every second of the day because I said shitty things and want to make sure you don’t leave me” phase. (Wait, is that just me?) So, we met for a picnic lunch near his work. IMG_8089 (800x600)

I packed a souffle salad for myself and a tortilla with tons of guacamole.IMG_8085 (800x600)

Ben packed his lunch this morning and brought us some Diet. Dr. Peppers. He knows how to woo me Winking smileIMG_8087 (600x800)

Then, a bee came and made sweet love to Ben’s lunchbox for 5 minutes until we got really uncomfortable and shooed him away before the finale. Get a room!IMG_8091 (800x600)

Annnd later I ate dirty grapes while walking around Target.IMG_8095 (800x600)

Diet Discussion: I read this snippet in Fitness Rx for Women that says Low carb diets work at first, but people can’t stick to them long term (no shit). HOWEVER, researchers have found that cutting carb 2 times per week resulted in better weight loss than total low carb or even the Mediterranean diet! (source)IMG_8096 (800x600)

Question: Would you cut carbs 2 days a week? Do you think that is sustainable long term?

I’m waiting for the study that shows cutting carbs 2 days a YEAR works…


  1. Ida says

    I think two days a week would be sustainable. I’d pick two days during the week where I would be unlikely to go out for a meal and could make all my own food for the day.

  2. says

    There are no studies that show that any type of dieting produces weight loss that are not funded by a weight loss organization. The Gold Standard in research is 5 years. Probably 5% of the population could sustain carb-cutting for 5 years, and the other 95% would develop disordered eating & gain weight.

  3. says

    I LOVE that you admit to fighting with Ben. I feel like a lot of bloggers try to portray their marriages as perfect, so it’s nice to see something realistic.

    You should probably text him like every hour, you know, just to make sure he doesn’t forget about you 😉

  4. Sarah says

    Considering my diet is nearly vegan, cutting carbs twice a week would definitely result in weight loss… since I wouldn’t be able to eat anything. Does fasting 2x a week have the same result I wonder?

    p.s. I totally do the “I really love you and want to see you every second of the day because I said shitty things and want to make sure you don’t leave me” thing too.

  5. says

    You know why I love you RER? Because you put it all out there and you make me laugh. I’ve been there with the husband fighting. That’s some good shit.

  6. says

    Do you mean cut carbs COMPLETELY for 2 days a week? I think I would rather just limit my intake on smaller amounts daily than to pinpoint 2 entire days with hardly any carbs. That just sounds too overwhelming.

  7. Amy says

    I’m 36 wks pregnant and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes eight weeks ago. I’ve had to basically follow a strictly monitored carb intake diet. In that time I’ve only gained 1.5 lbs. I know you can’t make a direct comparison since I’m not trying to lose weight, but I can tell you that if I had kept eating normally, I’d have gained a ton more weight. I never realized the impact carbs really have, at least for me. I would never want to eat like this all the time (I typically run a marathon every fall), but I’m probably going to stick to an eatin plan similar after the baby is born to take off the baby weight.

    One thing I noticed lately was a diet in Women’s Health magazine that was severely low-carb. It was practically NO carb. That seemed a little extreme to me, but I do believe cutting back can possibly help you with weight loss. If you look at a lot of diet plans, many of them seem to model a diabetic eating plan. Never realized it before.

    Just my two cents. :)

  8. says

    Hmm. I guess I wonder what low-carb diet is, technically. A la Atkins style for 2 days? or something less extreme? If I had to eat like Atkins-stye twice a week I would not be a happy camper. You can’t even eat fruit! Too many sugars. Not even flippin’ carrots.

    So I guess for me, it depends on how restrictive it has to be. I could barely do one day before I’d want to steal someone’s pasta lunch at work.

  9. Maren says

    I am in the 6th week of Jamie Eason’s Live fit Trainer and I hear that in the 3rd phase, there’s some carb cycling…I’m not even sure how to do all that, so we’ll see how it goes!

  10. says

    No – I don’t think so. Your body needs the carbs. Maybe not a zillion of them every day but cutting them out would just make me end up on a binge later. I prefer to cut back rather than cut out.

  11. says

    WHAT?!?! Bloggers fight with their spouses?!?! The only reason I started blogging was because I thought it would make my husband and I all smoochy face all the time….I feel so lied to. 😉

  12. says

    2 days a year sounds reasonable. i think i could try the carb cutting thing (and i have) but i guess i just dont want it bad enough bc i always cave. i just really enjoy my carbs…

  13. says

    When you said cut two carbs, I was thinking that wouldn’t be hard. Just two slices of bread. Then I realized you meant two days of carbs. That’s when I backed off the plan.

  14. says

    I was JUST reading this same article! I always feel so awkward when I buy or read this magazine because the cover photos are always so intense haha 2 days of cutting carbs wouldn’t be toooooo bad. I have a feeling I would THINK about carbs all day and it would be harder mentally than physically not eating them!

  15. says

    kinda like carb cycling right? i’ve wanted to try it out.. i was a low-carb crash and burner (just like everyone else) i can do it for about 4-5 months.. then i miss my loaves of bread and bagels.. and pasta.. and fruit.

  16. says

    I could do the no carbs 2 days a week. I’ve been following Paleo, which isn’t low carb (I eat tons of fruit and some sweet potatoes), but I’ve cut out all grains and refined sugar. It was for a challenge at my gym, which ends Monday, so I’m trying to decide what I actually want to incorporate back into my diet. I don’t really miss bread. I do miss ice cream. So maybe ice cream 5 days a week, no ice cream for 2?

  17. says

    and this is why you have been my fav blogger for the last year.. SO REAL! LOVE the quote on wanting to see each other every second to ensure the other doesn’t leave after a fight, ha! so so true. :-)

    PS- i was at gnc yesterday buying my fav protein powder (gnc brand banana cream, SO good!) and saw the spirutein brand you love… are all the flavors pretty good? i’m always open to trying new ones out

  18. says

    Some days I eat less carbs than other days, but I never actually plan for it to happen. I just eat too many fruits, veggies and oatmeal to ever be fully satisfied without carbs.

  19. says

    I love carbs too much to cut them out. Life is too short for that, but that being said I try hard to workout enough to make it ok to over indulge in carbs like I do. I would like to see the results of this study after a year. I could probably gives this a go, that is after I finish my triathlon training.

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