Monday Morning Walk

Happy Monday! I didn’t get the best sleep last night since I was nervous I would sleep through my alarm. I kept waking up to check the time, then woke up 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off and just stayed up.

That’s because this morning I was co-leading a hike in Dana Point for a corporate wellness retreat. These aren’t even the pictures with a good view, but I put my phone away after snapping 2 quick pics…20120319_072025

Luckily, there were no snakes on this hike!20120319_082050 (1)

By the time I got home I was HUNGRY. I should have at least packed fruit or something! I ate a banana as soon as I got home and then made eggs and toast.IMG_8105 (800x533)

This pack of bagel thins is cut weird and one side is thick, the other is paper thin.IMG_8113 (800x533)

I should have waited until my belly realized it had been fed, but I had a wasa crisp with PB&J because I wanted more food. The Wasa peeps sent me these a while back and I’m just now digging into them.IMG_8114 (800x533)

Now I need to get out for a little jog before figuring out the rest of my day. Since I just ate, I’m totally not motivated so I went to Pinterest for some Monday Motivation…dry heaves and go

Question: What is you exercise agenda for today?


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    Overslept this morning so gotta knock out a Jillian video before bed. I love going on Pinterest for motivation photos in the “fitness” area. Problem is you gotta make sure you don’t come across all the amazing food images on there…torture.

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    Nice 4 mile run in the surprisingly gorgeous VT weather, then taking a bunch of middle school students for a 3 mile walk and ending the day teaching Zumba :)

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    I took my pup for a 25 minute walk around our neighborhood – it’s amazing weather here in Cleveland! This afternoon, I’m meeting a blogger friend to take her to her very first yoga class at a studio. I’m excited for both of us!

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    hahah i love that picture…a little more realistic than most of those motivating pics out there. today im taking a day off since i ran 14 miles knee is pissed at me today so no exercise!

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    That bagel is making me hungry, and this is after a breakfast of a large smoothie and steel-cut oats. So much for filling. Haven’t had a bagel in ages!

    Just yoga and cleaning/laundry today, as LA Marathon was yesterday.

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    Can’t decide if I’m going to work out today. I did a 15k race yesterday, so I was thinking of making it my rest day. But, the weather is gorgeous & I may sneak outside for a slow run.

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    My goal is to stretch and possibly do some Pilates or yoga. I’ve been dancing and ellipticalling too much lately. I need more strength and flexibility training up in here!

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    Did crossfit this morning. I think tonight I’m going to go on a shakeout run/walk since my quads are still killing me from Friday (and exacerbated by yesterday’s 15k). I think I have a date with an ice bath tonight.

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    Today is my day off, so no exercise. Well, I may end up doing a pilates video tonight, but that’s it. I really struggle with not exercising on my day off, because I like it so much! Despite the rain we’ve had here in SoCal all weekend, all I’ve wanted to do was lace up my shoes and run!

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    Love Dana Point, such a beautiful walk!
    I also love the Wasa bread too. I put Laughing Cow cheese on it. BUT Pb & J’s up my alley, too!
    No exercise today. Monday’s are usually off days for me! But I did walk around Disneyland today. I think that wears me out more, anyway!

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    I’m trying to train to run my first 5K (I’ve walked them in the past) so it was intervals … 3 minutes was the longest running episode and I got a little sick to my stomach. I wasn’t sure if it was because it was too hot in the gym or what. Ugh… does that ever happen to you where you feel like you might throw up? Sorry, that’s gross, I know.

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