How Many Calories Burned Running


I kinda feel like it’s been all Eating and not enough Running over here on the ol’ Run Eat Repeat blog. So today I’ll spare you the bucket o’salad recap. Oh wait, that was it right there, wasn’t it? ^^^ Busted. Since we’re on the topic… I just enjoyed a Vitatop and a Cherries Jubilee protein shake = my 2 favorite foods. Okay, now let’s talk running, specifically How Many … [Read more...]

Green Tea Giveaway


Hello and Happy Wednesday! This week is almost back to normal after I do that power-walking session with the corporate retreat tomorrow. I like being on a schedule so I feel “off” a bit. Last night involved a lot of toast. I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving toast! It also involved some Toast.O Tosh.O He raved about a chocolate chip cookie at Lunch in this video. Lunch is … [Read more...]