NSFW SkinnyRunner Stretches


This morning I met up with Skinny Runner for a walking date. I’m not sure what kind of date she thought this was going to be though, because when I got there she was stretching out her…never mind. Even though we live 3 miles away from each other she was dressed for summer, while I was dressed to go to the final Challenge in the Battle of the Exes. C’mon, tell me some of you … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts…


This morning when I drove to lead the walking group I realized I miss having a normal schedule and a 8-5, steady job. But, then I realized what I really miss is my daily commute where I can catch up on the news via NPR. I’ve listened to it since college and really love it! I live in near paradise. Seriously. Our walk was in Dana Point again and I cannot believe I don’t run … [Read more...]