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This morning when I drove to lead the walking group I realized I miss having a normal schedule and a 8-5, steady job.IMG_8301 (800x600)

But, then I realized what I really miss is my daily commute where I can catch up on the news via NPR. I’ve listened to it since college and really love it!IMG_8303 (800x600)

I live in near paradise. Seriously.

dana point

Our walk was in Dana Point again and I cannot believe I don’t run down here.dana point beach

I may have some exciting news coming up soon. Here’s a hint: (but it’s not what you think so this hint is pretty much useless)20120322_081432 (800x600)

After the walk all the fitness leaders (there were people doing yoga, strength, gym, soccer) took some group shots and played on the TRX.20120322_081329 (800x600)

I called Ben on my way home and placed an order for breakfast. He delivered! IMG_8305 (600x800)

Real eggs and real bread (cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast).IMG_8308 (800x600)

But, my hunger’s been awake for too long so this didn’t satisfy me. I made another piece of toast and am hoping the coffee will fill me up.IMG_8311 (800x600)

After it was done, I realized I left the lid open on the coffee pot. IMG_8313 (600x800)

I bought another massive container of strawberries. But instead of getting them from the strawberry stand, I got them from the store. THIS IS A BAD IDEA.

Store bought strawberries are crap. See?

I’ve been chopping them up, sprinkling them with stevia and eating them in milk (like cereal).

But Ben decided to throw them ALL in a blender with gatorade powder and water to make a shake. IMG_8314 (600x800)THIS is why I don’t let him cook most of the time. He thought it was a good idea?!?!It’s gross and tastes like thick gatorade. IMG_8316 (800x600)

Question: What do you listen to on the way to work or school?


  1. says

    I died seein the pic of the coffee pot. So something my scatterbrained face would do.
    Gotta love that he tried with the smoothie! lol.. that too makes me laugh because I joke with my friends about when my husband tries to cook..
    He usually comes up with some unique/disgusting combos… liked steamed bland fish topped with a pineapple chunk? What??
    LOVE Him anyway.

  2. says

    nah 8-5 jobs are overrated :). soooo im guessing ultramarathon on the stickers?? haha if im right then you’re a beast and also crazy…140 miles? u can do it!

  3. says

    whenever i see a multiple of similarly styled stickers like that, i think of the family ones. so maybe you’ve got a teeny one on the way?

  4. says

    It depends. Since I am a SAHM, my daughter and I have been listening to Frances England. A children’s CD that I can stand and actually really enjoy!!

  5. says

    Triathlons in your future? :)

    Also, I have had a traditional 9-6-ish type job since I got out of college and while I yearn for a bit of flexibility in my schedule (i.e. today is so gorgeous I wish I could enjoy the outdoors and work later), I don’t think I could actually handle it… I’m so used to routine.

  6. Leah says

    NPR is the BEST!!! Ira Glass has my heart. And just listening to the news is my favorite way to wake up (gradually) in the morning.

  7. says

    I love to listen to audio books while in the car. I’ve been listening to Dr. Susan Albers’ “Mindful Appetite.” It includes practical skills and guided exercises to break free from the cycle of “mindless eating.”

  8. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Dana Point IS paradise Monica! Just love that place. You are highly fortunate to visit whenever it suits your fancy! Lucky.

    Past weddings hold tremendous memories @ DP. {{ sigh}} Would move in a sec if a/the lottery hit us big. Encinitas is also one of my favs because it is smallish/safe …. we go to the beach a lot.

    When will you tell us BIG news? I hate being anxious. Hurry please.

    Truthfully …. I do not even know your working hours. Seems like that is all you do + take weekend vacays w/Ben! Ha. Lucky again.

    A Keurig would be good for you being a coffee-lover Monica. There are soo many delicious selections/flavors.

    Snack time …. fresh strawberries w/sliced banana and plain Chobani.

  9. Kristabel says

    I am a devout NPR listener. California Report in the morning, Talk of the Nation at lunch, and All Things Considered on the drive home.

  10. says

    Alright, Ben’s kitchen privileges are revoked until further notice! Eeeewwww!!! Hahaha!

    Call me crazy, but I like listening to movie scores… I think Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean are my 2 faves at the moment. I can listen to awesome “classical” music, but I can also visualize what’s going on in the movie at that particular point. I find it keeps my “road rage” down (not that it’s too bad to begin with) and keeps me happy.

  11. says

    I actually don’t listen to anything, but my route takes less than 10 minutes and most of that includes having small children asking a few billion questions.

    I almost always buy grocery store strawberries, in fact I did just today! I look for ones that have the local strawberry farm logo, though. And as for what to do with them, I’m planning on making strawberry jam so I won’t spend $3 on jelly with HFCS.

  12. says

    I usually listen to our local stations’ morning show but always listen to NPR on the way home…it’s the only way I can catch up on news.

    I’m gonna go with the not so obvious and say you are buying a Ford Flex?

  13. says

    I’m all about anything cinnamon raisin right now- thanks for reminding me about the Ezekiel bread, I’m gonna pick up a loaf today 😀

    P.S. I’ve been eating a carton of strawBEAUTIES every day for the past two weeks… LOVE!

  14. Katie P says

    I love NPR…FreshAir, This American Life, and the car guys on Sundays! It’s what my parents always listened to in the car growing up so I think it’s ingrained in me now.

  15. Celeste says

    hahaha that’s hilarious about the strawberry/gatorade milkshake. my brother always tries crazy things like that. –> he’s attempted a “bacon smoothie”. NOT OK!!

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