Paso Robles Half Marathon Recapage

This morning I woke up around 6am to leisurely get ready for the Paso Robles Half Marathon. The race didn’t start until 8am – that was a really late start from what I’m used to!IMG_8431 (533x800)

I changed, fueled, bathroomed, sunblocked and pinned.IMG_8594 (800x533)

Last night I checked out the course elevation profile. What the heck was I thinking?! Gravity is not exactly my friend and adding hills to the mix is just torture.


Luckily the weather was super cool and overcast – at least I had that going for me.IMG_8606 (800x533)

Since I was so scared of the hills they didn’t end up being that bad! (I’m really good about setting expectations to a point that terrifies me, then when stuff happens I’m able to deal). Anyways, I just felt okay at the start of the race and made a race plan at mile 1:

Keep Pace at around 8:20ish (at one point I tried to change this to 9 min miles though)

Chip away at the hills, but don’t walk

Grab water/Gatorade at each aid station

I was able to hang on pretty well most of the race. The aid stations were a little small so it wasn’t easy to just “grab and go”. Also, I ended up grabbing Gatorade every aid station except one (it was random). I usually water down my Gatorade for my training runs so it was super sweet. ( I DO NOT drink that G2 stuff anymore and think mid-run is the worst time to give your body fake sugar.) Anyways, with all the Gatorade I skipped the gel in my back pocket.

At the very last BIG HILL I chipped, and chipped and chipped some more. Then, I finally walked. It was really defeating. Just then, a photographer guy came out of nowhere I took pictures of the runners right at the top of the hill when we were dying. WTF. Bad timing, dude. I almost told him a bad word. Truth be told, the only reason I didn’t was because I couldn’t breathe.

The volunteer at the top of the hill shouted, “This is the last hill!”

Turns out he’s a liar.

At one mile left the course went off road (it was a packed trail) and it was a bit hilly.

I was able to pass 2 people on the last hill, so that’s the lone feather in my had from this race.

Half Mary – 1:51:18 Average pace 8:30IMG_8610 (800x533)

My ass needs to get it together…IMG_8611 (800x533)

Remember our big discussion about getting something other than a medal at a race?!IMG_8603 (800x533)

Well, the Paso Robles Half Marathon gives you a wine glass! The goodie bad had a card for free wine tastings to a bunch of wineries too!!IMG_8613 (800x533)

Drink up!IMG_8614 (800x533)

While I was running Ben got breakfast and picked up a bear claw. He saved me a bite, but I don’t like flakey guys stuff.IMG_8616 (800x533)

I was really craving a Starbucks egg white wrap for breakfast, but the ‘bucks in the store here didn’t sell any hot food. FAIL. I just picked up a yogurt and watermelon for now…IMG_8624 (800x533)

And will partake in Ben’s snacks…IMG_8628 (800x533)

See ya later!


  1. Summer T says

    great great job Monica!!!!!! I would love to someday be where you are with your running!! We have a goal of a 2hr (or sub in our wildest dreams) mini at the 500 festival in May here in Indy. Have you ever ran this one? Doing our speed drill run in the morning 5am (yassos, 800 on 800 off for 5 miles) we dread them but boy they make a huge difference on increasing the speed! My first mini was 2:45 and has gone down each year for the last 8…here’s hopin!

  2. becky says

    Somebody should have a word with the photographer at the top of the hill. That’s just rude.

    Congrats on your Half! Under 2 hours is MON-YOU-MENTAL!!!!

  3. says

    I love running and I love wine. I want to do this race! I thought it was in November, though? I haven’t been to Paso yet…your pictures look amazing!

  4. says

    hang in there! we all have runs that didn’t go our way–you’ll totally kick bootay on the next one!!! don’t forget to stretch!!! Thanks for the pics!! Did you save me a glass of wine? 😉

  5. says

    Great job!! I love reading about your runs and appreciate your honesty! I just did my first 5K this weekend and had a blast…wish I had the money to do another real soon, but for now I just want to keep up with my running and hopefully set some goals for the near future.

  6. Ida says

    The top of a hill is not the place for a race photo! Wine tasting coupons is a great swag item though, hope you got to take advantage of it.

  7. says

    Congrats Mon! Was this place the same one as your wedding? Thought I remembered reading it somewhere on your blog…sorry…too lazy to search. ;p

  8. says

    You are totally inspiring. I read this after I did the Hot Chocolate in San Diego and as a new runner, I was totally overwhelmed by the hills on that course. At one hill, NO ONE was running. It was tough!! Congrats on another half!

  9. Denise P. says

    I’d love to do a race on the Central Coast one of these days.

    So you didn’t end up doing the Hot Chocolate? I nearly forgot it was happening, I’ll have to check out SR’s blog for maybe a recap.

    Will you still be in Carlsbad on Sunday?

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