Meal Planning Monday


Since I had a little ol’ half marathon yesterday I took today off from running. My legs felt fine and I know I could bust out a run, but running injuries are often overuse injuries and creep up on us. Better to skip one day of running than 6 weeks like when I hurt my IT Band. Don’t run with scissors, or with tired muscles! So, I made breakfast before work and hoped to get in … [Read more...]

Sell Don’t Sweat


On the way home from Paso Robles we stopped in Santa Ynez for gas and lunch. It’s a super tiny town so we didn’t have a lot of options. The Red Barn worked. I got the half salad / half sandwich combo - with egg salad and a fancy apple and walnut salad. The waitress asked if it was okay that it came on a brioche bun, I said, “Yes, thank you.” But I thought, “Hell yeah I want a … [Read more...]