Easter Dessert Recipes


Did you watch Trash TV yesterday? Two of my shows are on Monday night, so today is Trash TV Tuesday. First off, I am over Basketball Wives. There is NOTHING going on for anyone on that show. All they do is meet for drinks or lunch and talk shit about each other. Then, meet for drinks or lunch and fight about how that person was talking shit about them. AND they physically … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

bragg liquid aminos

How’s your Tuesday going? I don’t have to be into work until this afternoon so I’ve been working on blog stuff and writing all morning. Around 10am I had some nuts and a honey tangerine. The tangerine was really good, but had 2 seeds in each segment. I coulda done without that. Lunch was the usual – Salad with TJ’s peanut dressing and Bragg’s liquid aminos. I scored those … [Read more...]

Easy Curry and Dirty Hair


Hello! Yesterday I made dinner before my evening shift at the gym so I had plenty of time to experiment. I split a package of ground turkey into 2 parts and made a turkey and potato curry dish for Ben and soup for myself The potato curry was ridiculously easy! Easy Curry Recipe: Chop 3-4 potatoes w/ onions and cook them in coconut oil. Then, add ground turkey and tons of … [Read more...]