Things Thursday and No Recipe

Good Day Smile I am planning on doing 10 miles tomorrow morning so I took today off from running. I was almost done with Jillian’s RIPPED in 30 when Ben suggested a walk. I grabbed one of his sweatshirts, an iced coffee and joined him!20120329_074738

Last week someone asked me for my French Toast Recipe and I sent them a link for Bagel Thin French Toast. Then, I realized that wasn’t a recipe at all. IMG_8742 (800x533)

Really, I don’t follow recipes. But here is my “recipe” for Cinnamon Raisin French Toast that I made this morning:

Mix the following: 1/2c egg whites with a dash of each – cinnamon, stevia, vanilla, milk

Dip 2 pieces of Cinnamon Raisin Bread into mixture. Dust with chia seeds.

Cook on a HOT oiled griddle.

Top with PB when it’s still steamy so it melts. Add syrup. Devour.IMG_8739 (800x533)

Now I’m chomping on some fruit and talking to you lovely people.IMG_8749 (800x533)

This weekend’s trip is somewhat last minute so I have a lot to do before I go:

To Do List:

  • Return Emails
  • Organize/write travel schedule through June (I have our annual Marco Island Trip and Blogher Food and a race that month. I need to make sure I can do it all!)
  • Tape Ask a Monican!
  • Wash Clothes
  • Clean litter box
  • Sweep / Mop area cat keeps drying to bury (?)
  • Bank
  • Pack
  • Work today 2-6pm

In addition to June travel I have the Reach the Beach relay coming up in May! The organization just announced a new race in NJ October 12-13. Check it out here.

I’m trying to figure out the new Facebook Timeline style for Run Eat Repeat. Please like me if you haven’t already Smileimage

Question: How often do you check Facebook?

I check it daily to see what’s up with RER and if anyone tags me. But, I only spend a few minutes there.


  1. says

    French toast is the beeesstttt. I never make it because I’m too lazy, but maybe that’s a good plan for dinner tonight! You’ve got a lot of chores to get done!

  2. says

    facebook used to be one of the tabs that was ALWAYS open on my browser, but lately i find myself gravitating more towards more informative websites & of course my favourite blogs. i disabled notifications from facebook on my phone, so now i check the actual site from time to time to see what’s up!

  3. says

    That french toast recipe sounds YUMMY!! Haha now I want French toast. Problem with reading blogs = they never fail to make me want food :)

    Funny you should mention Facebook – I FINALLY got on the bandwagon and started a Facebook page for my blog! Haha now I’m even considering figuring out this Twitter business. Crazy day! lol

    I hope you’re having a great day :-)

  4. Connie says

    I check it a couple times a day – but if there are alerts – constantly on iPhone – I need go to Facebook detox!

  5. says

    Marco Island!!! I just got back from a trip there. It was my first time and I loved it!

    I used to check multiple times, every day – I was hooked. Now, maybe once a week? It just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

  6. Susie says

    I basically am the abuser in the relationship with FB–I use it when I need it. Boredom, exhaustion, but particularly writer’s block–
    I always tell my friends that they can tell how well the my papers are going by how much I’m on FB. Right now I’m writing my grad school thesis and my fiancé is long distance and doing a surgical rotation, the rest of my friends have real lives, and my mom works and travels. I use FB like twitter during these times. But I’m also a huge hypocrite bc I hate it when people do that.

    But ya gotta survive somehow I guess lol. And at least I’ll freely admit my shortcomings!

  7. says

    that french toast looks awesome!! i might have to make some for lunch…even though i had waffles this morning…not a very well rounded day haha.

    i check facebook a couple times a day…being on a comp all day makes it tempting even though there’s nothing good ever on it!

  8. says

    I’ve never had PB on french toast before–that looks divine!!!! I’m on Facebook a couple times a day… I have military friends all over the world, so we’re all on different time zones.

  9. says

    I use FB too much (a few times a day (okay 10)). I use to only use it when my husband was in Afghanistan. FB was the easiest way to post pictures. Then we moved about 8 months ago, and it is how I have been keeping in touch with most of my “old” friends. I have noticed that people seem to not use it as much though.

  10. says

    French toast is one of my favorite breakfast food and I LOVE peanut butter on it. I have yet to try it with egg whites though. Maybe this weekend.

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