Texas in One Sentence


I made it to Texas! But, it’s late and I have an early wake up call. So, let me try and summarize all the days events in 1 sentence each… My inflight lunch included a salad and an apple. I wonder what she’s reading… I cannot do my makeup with a tiny handheld mirror. Seltzer water has saved my life. Trail mix saved my stomach from grumbling. The blogger group (made up of … [Read more...]

Flying Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I ran 10 miles this morning. The first 5 were slow (as I was going up hill and away) the last 5 felt GREAT (because I just rolled back down the hill). I wish I could have done more and am kind of frustrated that running keeps getting aside for other things (even if those things are fun). This was supposed to be my year of fun run before we have babies. … [Read more...]