Flying Friday

Hello and Happy Friday! after 10 miles

I ran 10 miles this morning. The first 5 were slow (as I was going up hill and away) the last 5 felt GREAT (because I just rolled back down the hill). I wish I could have done more and am kind of frustrated that running keeps getting aside for other things (even if those things are fun). This was supposed to be my year of fun run before we have babies. I’m hoping this weekend will inspire me to get back on track!

(This is the hill I ran. Yes, it sings.)

I wanted to do more miles but I also wanted to get home in time to see Ben before he left for work. We are one of those creepy couples that doesn’t like to be apart. Or we’re just creepy. Either way.20120330_081149

While I was gone he made French Toast for breakfast and took a picture of it. See? He uses that Easter plate all the time. 20120330_071839(Updated to add: I just realized he’s using a spoon – I’m going to have to ask him about that.)

I’ve been craving some soy chorizo and mixed that in with my eggs. The hot coffee is a trick – I take a few sips and then pour it over ice when it gets too cold.IMG_8773 (800x533)

Per the pharmacist’s suggestion I’ve been taking B-Right to help with my thyroid issues (the problem is not fixed yet, but we’re working on it). I just realized it says “Low Odor” – good thing she didn’t give me the high odor version!IMG_8774 (800x533)

Now I’m headed to the airport and off to Texas! At 8pm Central / 6pm Pacific tonight there will be a Twitter chat with Chris Lieto one of the competitors using the tag #myafter – Join in if you want Smile

I’ll be home Sunday night and blogging / Facebook –ing / Tweeting the events over the weekend.

What are you weekend plans?


  1. says

    I think it’s cute you wanted to race home to see him. My husband and I are always together too. He went away for 2 weeks for work and I thought it might be nice to have time to myself – nope missed him day #1. Have a great weekend, sounds like you are getting a lot of fun experiences offered to you!

  2. says

    have fun in texas! :) i haven’t heard of french toast being eaten with a spoon, but maybe ben is on a new trend or something.

    this weekend i am hitting 100 miles for the month of march. so far i am at 94, so i think it’s definitely doable!

  3. says

    Texas!?! Yeah! That’s where i live! That cracks me up about his french toast eating with a spoon. Before I read your comment I saw that in the picture and was thinking, “What’s that about??” This weekend is my 30th birthday! I’m officially old haha. Tomorrow (my bday) I’m getting up for a 5 miler, then taking the kids to a city-wide Easter Egg hunt, and then I’m going out for drinks to celebrate. I’ll probably be in bed by 10pm…being so old and all :) Sunday, I’m going to see Hunger Games and am totally stoked about that!!

  4. says

    My hubbs and I are ridiculous like that too. We train together, work together, and are rarely apart and really would rather that be pretty much never. :) It’s nice to have someone around that feels as comfy with as being alone!

  5. says

    My boyfriend and I are a creepy couple too. I don’t like to do anything or go anywhere without him. And I can’t stand it that he works nights because that means he has to leave me. Lol.

  6. Maren says

    hey, ten miles is better than no miles 😉 haven’t seen my fam in 2 months and I’m meeting my mom and sister half-way between me and them for the day tomorrow. I’m super excited!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Kristie says

    I can be the odd one out here – I kind of wish my hubby would go off and do his own thing more often. I really like my alone time and when we’re together too much I start to go crazy! I swear I love spending time with him but I can’t spend too much time with anyone.

  8. says

    Nice run! I’m doing 10 tomorrow early a.m. w/ friends then (after a nap) a glow in the dark 5K tomorrow night! Should be some crazy fun.
    That french toast looks great! I have been craving french toast and pancakes lately. I think I’m gonna try your bagel thin french toast.

  9. Denise P. says

    Have safe travels and a fun weekend!

    My plans are a 63 floor stair climb in downtown LA tomorrow and the Carlsbad 5000 5K on Sunday. My legs will hate me, but I’m making up for lost time with no races in the last 2 weeks. haha

  10. says

    Yes…GET IN YOUR RUNS BEFORE BABIES! : ) I didn’t start running seriously till after my baby, now that I am addicted, I want to keep training for more and more races. Now we are considering number 2, it won’t be as easy and I think I will miss those long runs.
    PS, I am like that with my husband, too!! I think it’s great! :)
    Weekend plans – to finish our kitchen remodel!! Yay!

  11. says

    You can run and have babies its just a lil harder. Whats up with your thyroid? Did I miss that post? I have Hashimotos it makes me crazy!

  12. Ida says

    I’m excited to read about your weekend in Texas! I’m sure watching all those athletes compete will be motivating and really fun.

  13. Jessica says

    Weekend plans are to fill out my new Fitbook!!!! SO glad I read about it on your site, I picked one up at Target today and it is EXACTLY what I need to keep accountable and get motivated again.
    Have a safe trip!

  14. says

    For some reason, that spoon is cracking me up! Hahaha! I wonder why he chose a spoon… I’m having a girls weekend to celebrate my bday! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  15. Carolyn says

    so I am fairly new to RER so I have to ask, what was on YOUR breakfast plate? (Other than the eggs and chorizo) – the toast?

  16. carrie bradshaw says

    You’re in my hood–I’m from Ho-town, Baby!

    I have been taking synthroid for the last several years for my low thyroid, and it has worked wonders. It does take a little time to get your levels right though. Hang in there. I used to be about 15 pounds heavier, and overtime, I gradually lost the weight just by getting my thyroid right. Let me know if you have any questions down the road about that stuff.

    My Ben is gone 28 days at a time!! It’s tough, but we try and focus on the perks–travel time. He’s on a 28/10 rotation and comes home tomorrow!!! We are going to Cape Town to run a half marathon next week!
    Have fun in TX!

  17. says

    Have a great trip – how cool is it that you get to chat with Chris Leito?? Sad that he won’t be competing this year, but Twitter chatting with his is pretty badass!

    Have a fun and safe trip!

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