Texas in One Sentence

I made it to Texas! But, it’s late and I have an early wake up call. So, let me try and summarize all the days events in 1 sentence each…

My inflight lunch included a salad and an apple.IMG_8695 (800x600)

I wonder what she’s reading…IMG_8699 (800x600)

I cannot do my makeup with a tiny handheld mirror.IMG_8703 (800x600)

Seltzer water has saved my life.IMG_8704 (600x800)

Trail mix saved my stomach from grumbling. IMG_8705 (800x600)

The blogger group (made up of endurance athletes that actually pay attention to what they put in their bodies) wanted to stop at a grocery store for dinner. heb

FINALLY made it to the hotel.IMG_8786 (800x533)

Dinner in the room… (those bean chips are not good, but I still ate a ton of them. Hate that.)IMG_8802 (800x533)

Eatin’ while tweetin’IMG_8811 (533x800)

Our hotel room floor has complimentary candy, water and apples right outside the elevator!IMG_8797 (800x533)

This is a bad thing, trust me.IMG_8791 (800x533)

I’ve been traveling all day and am anxious about 24 different things -my hand is not going for the apples.IMG_8795 (800x533)

It is chocolate and I am here with CHOCOLATE milk….IMG_8794 (800x533)

See ya tomorrow!


  1. says

    Quick–grab all the chocolate and make a mad dash for your room! I’ll cover for you! 😉 Hope you have a great time in Texas!! Keep us updated when you can! :)

    • says

      HEB is wonderful (I live in Austin… don’t know where Monica is) and their fancier Central Market offshoot is even more wonderful. The original Whole Foods is here in Austin so HEB made Central Market to compete with it and they do a great job. Plus the fresh tortillas they make in-store are the best ever.

  2. Jayne says

    The hotel my parents always use when they come visit me makes their own chocolate chip cookies and keeps them handy for guests. Sooo good, and sooo bad, I can easily eat 3.

  3. says

    Have fun in Texas! And I agree with a previous poster – the water does taste icky here. I have to buy bottled or drink it with a crystal light in it to get over the taste. Have fun in TX and eat a PB cup for me!

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