IronMan Texas Press Conference and Expo


After this morning’s double whammy run it was time for a good meal. The group went to Gaido’s for lunch. I cannot get rid of these crabs! Who says I want to? We started with bread. It was very cake-like in consistency without being too sweet. I actually would have liked it either sweeter or a savory-er. Pick a side! I got a salad for some greens and vitamins. The house made … [Read more...]

Death By Miles, Then Chocolate


This morning I woke up (super early to my Pacific timed body clock) to run 6 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. My calves were really tight from yesterday’s 10 miler so I planned on taking it easy. It was still dark but, I was going to run along the water path anyways so I was out the hotel door by 6:30am. I spotted Kelly outside the hotel and jumped in with her for a few miles. … [Read more...]