The Hunger Games and More


This morning Ben and I headed up the California coast to Paso Robles. He had a 4 day work week and wanted to do something fun with his 3 day weekend. So even though I wanted to stay home and watch House Hunters all weekend, I agreed. I packed lunch for the road – an apple, salad and some stolen chips. (Stolen from Ben, not the store…) And since we could not go one more day … [Read more...]

Fight the Funk Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I’m not in the bestest of moods today because I weighed in and despite my best attempts to track, the scale is not moving in the right direction. My negative mood followed me on my run, so it was an unpleasant 5.5 miles of mean head movies. When I got back home I made a good breakfast on my EASTER EGG plate. (Fun fact: Ben uses this plate year ‘round. … [Read more...]

NSFW SkinnyRunner Stretches


This morning I met up with Skinny Runner for a walking date. I’m not sure what kind of date she thought this was going to be though, because when I got there she was stretching out her…never mind. Even though we live 3 miles away from each other she was dressed for summer, while I was dressed to go to the final Challenge in the Battle of the Exes. C’mon, tell me some of you … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts…


This morning when I drove to lead the walking group I realized I miss having a normal schedule and a 8-5, steady job. But, then I realized what I really miss is my daily commute where I can catch up on the news via NPR. I’ve listened to it since college and really love it! I live in near paradise. Seriously. Our walk was in Dana Point again and I cannot believe I don’t run … [Read more...]

How Many Calories Burned Running


I kinda feel like it’s been all Eating and not enough Running over here on the ol’ Run Eat Repeat blog. So today I’ll spare you the bucket o’salad recap. Oh wait, that was it right there, wasn’t it? ^^^ Busted. Since we’re on the topic… I just enjoyed a Vitatop and a Cherries Jubilee protein shake = my 2 favorite foods. Okay, now let’s talk running, specifically How Many … [Read more...]

Green Tea Giveaway


Hello and Happy Wednesday! This week is almost back to normal after I do that power-walking session with the corporate retreat tomorrow. I like being on a schedule so I feel “off” a bit. Last night involved a lot of toast. I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving toast! It also involved some Toast.O Tosh.O He raved about a chocolate chip cookie at Lunch in this video. Lunch is … [Read more...]

Subaru Shoot and Best Chocolate Chip Cookie


Before I headed to the First Car Story shoot this morning I had an apple and tried to be productive. I’ve committed myself to a few out of town races and blog conferences on my own dime so I’ve been spending hours searching for good travel deals (note to self: find more money somewhere). The Subaru shoot is for a webisode about my first car. It was at a house in Culver City … [Read more...]

Baked Taquitos


Hello! I didn’t post after lunch yesterday so let’s catch up… I made a snack of wasa crisps, cottage cheese and granola in the afternoon. And when I realized Ben was coming home on the late side, a bowl of protein cereal I got at the Natural Products Expo. I had Crockpot Salsa Chicken cooking all day and when it was done I shredded it for taquitos. It’s perfect since it’s … [Read more...]

Cut Carbs 2 Times and Bee Lovin’


Ben and I were fighting yesterday and are in the post-fight “I really love you and want to see you every second of the day because I said shitty things and want to make sure you don’t leave me” phase. (Wait, is that just me?) So, we met for a picnic lunch near his work. I packed a souffle salad for myself and a tortilla with tons of guacamole. Ben packed his lunch this … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Walk


Happy Monday! I didn’t get the best sleep last night since I was nervous I would sleep through my alarm. I kept waking up to check the time, then woke up 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off and just stayed up. That’s because this morning I was co-leading a hike in Dana Point for a corporate wellness retreat. These aren’t even the pictures with a good view, but I … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up and Roasted Cauliflower


I’m working for a corporate wellness event this week and will be helping to lead a hike tomorrow and a power walk session on Thursday. This afternoon I headed to a meeting for the group. The event is being held at a fancy shmancy hotel in Orange County. The fitness leaders all meet here and grab our groups for hikes, strength, walking, yoga or gym time. After the meeting I … [Read more...]

Sunday Breakfast and Lunch


And the winner of the most uninventive blog post title goes to… Me. Thank you, thank you. Or should I say… Sorry, Sorry? Sunday is always a rest day for me (unless it’s a Race Day) so I did a 3 mile walk to shake out my legs and came home for breakfast. Walking makes me hungrier than running for some reason and I came home with a growling stomach! (I think that’s because … [Read more...]

Shamrock Shake and Mexican Dogs Love Guacamole


I was pretty hungry around 1:30pm and decided to make my craving – a Shamrock Shake(source) I don’t necessarily like Shamrock Shakes as much as knowing I can’t have one makes me want one (Lent and Shamrock shake season always collide). Plus, I don’t really “get” sucking a thick shake through a straw . I’m more of a scoop girl. So today I made a homemade Shamrock Shake with a … [Read more...]

13 Miles in the Rain


Hello there! Living in southern California, I am a fair weather friend runner. So, when I heard it was supposed to be rainy all weekend I wasn’t sure what to do about my long run. Since it wasn’t that cold (55-ish degrees) I decided to accept the wet and go for it. Pre-game. I mean, pre-run fuel = sunflower butta toast with chia seeds and a side of cat. Then, I drove to my … [Read more...]

I’m Addicted to Sugar


Ben didn’t work today so we decided to do a “day date”. By the time we decided this it was lunch time so we picked the closest place, Sizzler. Fancy huh. It’s hard to pile salad on a flat plate, so I had two… We just did the salad bar and two warm super soft rolls were delivered to our table with honey butter. Ah-mazing. Then, we went to see Wanderlust. I liked it! After … [Read more...]

Fun Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I watched the last Jersey Shore yesterday. I don’t know when I started to actually like that show and those people, but I do. Don’t judge. We all have our things. Last night I took “sleep squares” that are supposed to help you sleep. No, it’s not a cute name for roofies, I got them from the Natural Products expo. Anyways, they give me the saddest … [Read more...]