Naturebox Giveaway and New Game


Last night I arrived home to be greeted Ben with a pile of peeled Cuties (those small oranges). I quickly asked, “What is that all about?” fearing Ben wanted to make some kind of gross orange smoothie (remember his gatorade and strawberry combo?! No, thanks.). Apparently he got bored over the weekend and made up a new game called “Eat an entire cutie in one bite” (okay the … [Read more...]

Busted and Burnt


This weekend I stayed at the San Luis Resort in Galveston, TX. It was right across the street from the beach. The hotel was really nice, but dated. The décor was a little 80s, but maintained well. It actually reminded me a lot of the place we stay in Florida – touristy, usta be fancy but, laid back. Added bonus of America: We stayed in the Penthouse level and there was free … [Read more...]