Advertising on Your Shirt


This afternoon I met up with Marni for a nice little walk. She’s smaller than my water bottle. So, I basically drink 4 Marni’s a day. On bad days I drink 4 marna-ritas Marni’s owner Skinny Runner came along for the fun. We take pictures of each other to prove to our husbands that we were walking with each other and not that guy that always hits on SR when we get fro-yo. … [Read more...]

Training for a Relay Race


How’s your Tuesday going?! Mine is swell except for the fact that my bug bites and sun burn are also still SWELL-ed up. Today I added a sweet potato to lunch to make it a more well rounded meal. I’m planning on making a protein shake green monster for an afternoon snack before I head to the gym to train 2 clients. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Winner of the Larabar … [Read more...]

Carb Cycling


As much as I LOVE traveling, it’s hard for me to not over do it when I’m out of town. Today I’m hitting the “Reset” button and getting back on track with healthy eating. I started the day with a 4 mile run, in the middle I did every other 800 at a quicker tempo. Breakfast was an egg sandwich with laughing cow cheese and ketchup. Then, I rushed to work to train a client that … [Read more...]