Protein Packed French Toast Recipe

Happy Wednesday! This morning I was super efficient and got all this done before 8am: checked/responded to email, comments, made breakfast for Ben and myself, made him lunch, washed sheets, put away dishes, meal plan and more!

I also ran 7 miles. They felt tough and slow. I think I need to spend some time stretching today. I’m super tight.

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Yesterday I got an idea for breakfast and couldn’t wait until I had the chance to try it out. You guys know I love French Toast, but I wanted to pump up the protein in it this time.

 Protein Packed French Toast

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Mix together: 1/2c egg whites, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, dash of cinnamon

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Dip bread into mixture

Optional – Dust with chia seeds

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IMG_9452 (800x533)


IMG_9458 (800x533)

Repeat Winking smile

Then, I chugged a ton of iced coffee and headed to the gym to train a client.

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  1. Mary R. says

    I’m soooo making this on Friday since I don’t have to work. I love french toast almost as much as I love chia seeds :)

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