Fun Friday–Watermelon Head

Happy Friday! I’m sporting the new visor I got at the Ironman TX expo last weekend.IMG_9559 (800x600)

But, I really should be sporting my watermelon hatwatermelon hat(source)

because the h2o melon I bought yesterday is perfectly sweet. I know how to pick ‘em! (Here’s my post on choosing a good watermelon.)watermelon breakfast

After an easy 4 mile run I ripped apart the kitchen making breakfast. Truthfully, I’m not able to make a bowl of cereal without dirtying 5 pans.

This is a whole wheat english muffin with eggs, laughing cow and a thick spread of port jam. Yeah buddy.IMG_9563 (800x600)

Lately I’ve been eating tons of egg whites, but I’m starting to do half cup of egg whites and one real egg. This makes all the difference in taste and satisfaction. IMG_9567 (800x600)

It’s almost Easter (it’s good Friday to be exact). Let’s have a little Flashback Friday action in honor…

I didn’t always like the Easter Bunny…SCAN0100 (1)

But, once I realized he brought me candy I was all about it. I will do anything for chocolate Winking smileSCAN0099

Happy Easter! monica at easter

What are your plans for this weekend?

I’m going to church, baking my bunny cake and eating tons of eggs.


  1. Julie says

    you were so cute as a little kid!! plans for this weekend – eat my weight in candy …sounds good to me 😉

  2. Sarah says

    Seeing my new baby niece, going skiing (yes for reals), church, and salmon for Easter (I don’t do pork). I can’t think of a dessert I want to make though. Maybe we’ll skip dessert… Blasphemous.

  3. dynamics says

    Every time I ask the produce guy (I mean he is supposed to be a pro) He thumps on the watermelon and it is rarely sweet. If I pick as instructed by you… It is amazing!! Thanks for the update. I am heading to Costco to get me a watermelon or two or hmm, how long do they last? Three??

  4. says

    omg that sailor dress is adorable!

    Easter falls on my brother’s 21st and my grandma’s birthday, and 2 days later is my mom’s birthday! I have lots of celebrating to do this weekend!

  5. says

    My weekend plans include an Easter dinner with the family. Yay! I think I am going to have to find a jelly bean or two somewhere as well. It’s just not Easter without them!

  6. says

    I looove easter. Because then I know summer is so close ( and i have a perfectly good reason to eat as much chocolate I want 😉 )

    Im going to church too, but I have so much homework due (why is there not spring break during easter??)
    Ohh well :)

  7. says

    Thanks for the post on how to pick a good watermelon! I love them too!

    Totally agree on adding a full egg to the white. Tastes so much better!

    What’s your next race? Can I talk you into the La Jolla Half marathon in San Diego on 4/29? :)

  8. says

    Heading down to my Mom’s for a sleepover with my sis, her husband, and my 2 year old niece. I love our grown up sleepovers. Then we are having an egg hunt for my neice on Sunday, who was been practicing at day care. Little does she know that I have been training for a marathon and will totally find more candy than her.

  9. says

    Tomorrow shall be working out, maybe taking the dog to the vet if she needs more shots, house cleaning, and netflix watching.

    Sunday will be attempting to run a pain free mile and then TWO easter dinners. Because you know what’s better than scalloped potatos? TWICE the scalloped potatos.

  10. says

    Volunteering at church, going to a service, seeing friends and family and eating jelly beans until I become one. Yup those are my Easter plans 😉

  11. Erica D says

    OMG what a cute sailor dress! I would’ve killed for that when I was younger…I was a major Sailor Moon fan :)

  12. Suzanne says

    I am going to start adding a full egg to my weekend egg sandwiches too. Thanks to you, I picked up the egg white salad at Trader Joe’s. Really liked it, but it was missing something…I like that feeling of the yolks just a tiny bit.
    Recent articles in Runners World have shown that the yolks have a lot of vitamins and stuff that the white don’t.

    This weekend: I just decided today that my parents are coming over for Easter dinner as long as they bring the ham they bought. Still have to tell my husband those plans… :)
    Also playing touch football Saturday and hoping to get an hour-long trail run in a new pair of Brooks Cascadias (never used them before…hope they rock!)

  13. Katie P says

    I add a real egg to my egg whites too! So much more satisfying that way. I have a busy weekend of rehearsal for the musical I am in and an Easter picnic with my mom, bro, and handsome man!

  14. Nicole says

    Oh my gosh! I had the same little “sailor girl” dress – the one in the last picture. I wore that to my pre-school graduation. So stylish!

  15. says

    13 mile bike ride, cleaning, church and over eating for sure. I miss eating watermelons. I haven’t hadone since last summer, now I am craving them.

  16. Lauren says

    My brothers and I had those same blow up Easter bunnies! I thought they were so cool at the time…now they look kinda creepy!

  17. says

    We had Little League Opening Day Ceremony this morning. I have a meeting this afternoon. Might watch a softball game this afternoon. Depends on how long my meeting lasts. Tomorrow we are hiking and then I want to do a trail run. But the park may be too busy for that.

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