Bunny Cake and Batter


Wait. Let’s rewind to yesterday at my mom’s…. She made beans. I ate them. I made the cake for the bunny cake. This year I went with Funfetti cake because my brother LOVES it! I ate the batter. And a little piece because you only need half of one of the cakes for the head. Score! The cake bunny is done! He may have eaten too many beans… Today I chomped on a bunch of … [Read more...]

Fifteen Miles and still not Famous


I woke up this morning and apparently was still asleep when I made coffee because I forgot to put the basket back! Major fail. See? This is why I have to make coffee the day before and have it iced in the morning! I ran 15 miles average page 8:47 I felt pretty good the whole time, but have to say I am somewhat uninspired because I still don’t have a “goal race”. I love … [Read more...]