Bunny Cake and Batter

Wait. Let’s rewind to yesterday at my mom’s….

She made beans. IMG 9596 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

I ate them.IMG 9623 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

I made the cake for the bunny cake. This year I went with Funfetti cake because my brother LOVES it! I ate the batter.IMG 9601 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

And a little piece because you only need half of one of the cakes for the head. Score!IMG 9604 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

The cake bunny is done!IMG 9617 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

He may have eaten too many beans…IMG 9621 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

Today I chomped on a bunch of watermelon and chips. I just felt snacky all day and wanted to chomp and chomp and chomp.IMG 9654 800x600 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

I picked up this new Trader Joe’s find – Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt dip. It’s a little too close to onion dip for me, but it’s not bad.IMG 9673 800x600 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

I chomped on a bunch of chips with it…IMG 9676 800x600 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

Then, Ben and I started to get our taxes in order (nothing like waiting for the last minute!). That called for a drink. He brought me a vodka cranberry and I graciously accepted it.IMG 9670 800x600 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

Din-ahIMG 9679 800x600 thumb Bunny Cake and Batter

I’m doing a Yogurtland run in 5-4-3-2-1…


  1. says

    Ooh, what do you think of the Zevia?

    Just yesterday I was super excited to find them here in Canada! I bought the regular cola.. it was a little odd, but okay. I feel like the other flavours would be better. Should’ve bought one of each!

    And your cake is adorable!

    • says

      I’m one of the few people I know that likes Zevia. I’ve heard some bloggers throw away an entire case because they thought it was gross :( I already use stevia everyday, so I’m used to the taste and I love soda – so I like it.

  2. says

    That bunny cake looks adorable!! Wish I could do that. I am really not good at baking so I don’t think my cake would resemble anything like a bunny if I tried. Probably would just look like a marshmallow. Store bought cake it is!

  3. Pam says

    I tried the grape Zevia. It is horrible. It tastes like grape flavored beer. I wish I had bought the ginger root beer instead.

  4. says

    My mom makes a similar looking bunny cake every year – so cute! In fact, she’s making one right now with my kids. I love holiday traditions!

  5. Ida says

    cute bunny! My bf’s parents are making dirt cake for easter dinner tonight. I have no idea how it fits into the holiday theme, but I am excited to eat it.

  6. Jessica J. says

    I bought that yogurt dip at TJ last weekend and LOVED it! My husband and I finished it off in 2 days. (It tastes just like the spinach dip made with vegetable soup mix.) It’s delicious with carrots or Food Should Taste Good Multi-Grain Cracker Chips (from Costco).

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