Easter 2012


How was your Sunday? After breakfast Ben and I headed to meet up with my family for church. Easter service is long so we were out around 1pm. My dad hit up a local place for burritos and I stole a big bite. But, I had already made a big salad by the time he got home… I stole all my mom’s tuna salad. Busted by the blog. Some bunny loves you After lunch my mom and I got … [Read more...]

Happy Easter Hickeys


Happy Easter! This morning Ben and I took a stroll to shake out our legs. Then, I made an amazing egg and laughing cow and jelly sandwich. That port jam is delicious. I’m all ready for church and egg eating! But, after yesterday’s long run my sports bra gave me two chafing marks that look like hickeys   I can’t go to church and see my fam like this?! It’s worse in … [Read more...]