Clean Snack To Go Giveaway


How’d your Wednesday go? Here’s mine in a (cashew) nutshell… After my morning work session I hit up Trader Joe’s for cashews. I ate too many of them. No seriously, I’m not that girl that says “I’m stuffed, I ate too much!” after having half a sandwich. I really ate too many. Please someone come over and hide them! I also had a piñata apple with lunch. Have you tried this … [Read more...]

Paso Robles Half Marathon Race Review


On March 24th I ran the Paso Robles Half Marathon. Next year’s race dates are not up yet – so stay tuned. The expo: There wasn’t one. This is a small race of a few thousand runners and the packet pick-up was up a windy road on the grounds of a hot springs spa. There were 3 tables set up – one to pick up your bib, one to get your shirt and one to check that you were in the … [Read more...]

Whipped Cottage Cheese


The rain woke me up last night two times. What is up with that?! Luckily, it was done by the time I rolled out of bed and hit the road for 5 miles. It was slow. I’ve had a week of bad runs Just as I was feeling sorry for myself I saw a rainbow in the distance! Thanks God I needed that After a quick one-two shower I grabbed my old obsession that’s returned – whipped cottage … [Read more...]