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How’d your Wednesday go? Here’s mine in a (cashew) nutshell… 20120411_121054

After my morning work session I hit up Trader Joe’s for cashews. I ate too many of them. No seriously, I’m not that girl that says “I’m stuffed, I ate too much!” after having half a sandwich. I really ate too many. Please someone come over and hide them!

I also had a piñata apple with lunch. Have you tried this kind of apple?! It was good, but no honey crisp.20120411_122551

I also took a walk at some point. I needed to step away from the computer. The end.

Thanks for your input on yesterday’s question, “What does clean eating mean to you?”

Many of you said it’s means unprocessed food, stuff that doesn’t come from a box. But, I know that sometimes it’s not always easy to have fresh fruits and veggies on hand. IMG_9693 (800x533)

I’m going to be traveling again this weekend (being dragged along for Ben’s work trip) and will pack healthy snacks to take with me. But, you can only fit so many watermelons in your carry on Winking smile so, I’m in need of a non-perishable clean snack. Like fruit, but fruit that won’t spoil after being stuffed at the bottom of my purse…

Today’s giveaway features a product that’s technically clean if you look at the ingredients…IMG_9692 (800x533)

It’s Bare Fruit SnacksIMG_9689 (533x800)

The company is giving one RER reader 12 snack bags of their flavor of choice.

To Enter: Name the flavor you’d like in the comments:

  • cinnamon apple chips
  • fuji apple chips
  • granny smith
  • dried pears
  • dried cherries
  • dried mango

Contest open to residents of the US. Ends 4/12/2011 at 8pm PST.


  1. JessicaE says

    I would LOVE some dried pears! Pears are one of my favorite fruits and I have never tried them dried. Thanks for the giveaway 😀

  2. susan says

    the dried pears sound awesome. I make dried apples every fall and they are insanely good- but they take so long to dry.

  3. says

    Dried pears!

    I recently started making my own apple chips. I kept buying bags of apples but they would start to turn bad before I get to them all so I slice them very thinly and bake them slow for an hour or two. So good!

  4. sally kate says

    oh yum- dried cherries!!! I had 3 bags of those cashews with my boyfriend’s parents came to town and brought us Trader Joe’s goodies- if I lived closer to Trader Joe’s I’m afraid my go to snack would probably be power berries… which are not berries at all. but they are powerful.

  5. says

    Gosh, I have to pick one? It’s a hard decision and it mainly comes down to whether I want to share or not. Knowing me, I’d share with my kids so I’d pick the apple cinnamon.

  6. tiffany says

    oh this is a tough one. i guess i’d pick the mango. always wanted to try the kind without any added sugar!

  7. Amy H says

    The Bare Fruit Fuji Apple are my favorite!!! I’m so pissed at my Costco because they stopped carrying the cinnamon apple chips. I used to buy 2 bags a week. No lie. Now I have to hoard whatever I can find at Marshalls because they don’t sell them anywhere else near me:(

  8. says

    Okay that comment seriously made me laugh out loud because I absolutely can’t stand when girls say that after eating a few bites of a salad. LoL! You always get me. :)

  9. Sarah says

    Cinncimon Apple Chips! So hard to find without added sugars! YUM! I want to remake the chicken apple salad from Panera with these!!

  10. Sabrina says

    Since its twelve bags I would go with mango since I know I love em. Those dried pears sound interesting though!

  11. Michelle Binkley says

    Oooh….that’s a hard one! I’ll go with dried cherries (though the fuji apple chips look REALLY good too)

  12. Aubrey says

    mmmmm dried mango! i LOVE dried fruit.. the pieces are so small after theyre dried that before I know it I’ve eaten 5 or 6 whole fruits! nothing wrong with that 😉

  13. says

    Better to eat too much of something that’s healthy than something like… well, brownies (which I have been known to do).

    I’d love the cinnamon apple chips!!!

  14. TiffanyG. says

    Dried Mango would be a new one for me. I haven’t had the others or anything from that brand, but since I always have fresh apples on hand, I’d rather try something I never keep on hand fresh or dried… Mango, it is. [:

  15. Beth says

    It’s a tough call since I love Granny Smith apples so much, but I think I’d have to go with dried cherries!

  16. Lindsay says

    Cinnamon apple chips definitely! I wait tables and barely have time to eat lunch everyday, so these would be handy to have on the go!

  17. Tina says

    I just sent my foodie pen pal some dried pears but actually have never tried them myself! This would be a great opportunity for dried pears to enter my world.

  18. Erin says

    Cinnamon Apple for sure!!! Those sound so delicious and I bet they would taste great in oatmeal or with some yogurt :)

  19. Sara says

    Oh, mango for sure! Love the dried mangos I get from Costco…I am pretty sure they have some added sugar, but you know what, I could do a whole lot worse…(and have)

  20. Margaret says

    Love cashews, those babies are trouble! All of those flavors sound great, but I’d choose the fuji apple chips! Yum :)

  21. Yadi says

    Those look so yummy… I think I would have to go with the dried mango, the cherries are a close second 😉

  22. Laurel C says

    I’ve tried these and they’re sooooo yummy! I like the cinnamon apple, and fuji apple is delicious too! But I’ve never had the other flavors so I’d be interested to try them!

  23. laura says

    Cinnamon Apple chips sound good….I would choose the dried mango but I have a feeling they don’t compare to trader joes dried mango which is the best!

  24. Jennifer T says

    I would love to try the Dried Mango. I love mango, but it’s not a very portable snack so this would be perfect

  25. says

    Oh my gosh. I cannot handle how delicious bare fruit is. I’ve been known to eat an entire bag! Last fall, my co-op had the pears on clearance, and I bought 8 bags :) I tried to make my own cinnamon apples, and they worked out, but it was over an hour of work for a snack that my husband and I devoured in 10 minutes :) my vote is for pears, Pears, PEARS!!

  26. LeslieG says

    Fuji apple chips. I became obsessed with Fuji apples a while back. Still hands-down my favorite eating apple. Yum!

  27. Marija says

    the cinnamon apple chips sound delish!!

    and I agree, Pinata’s are good, but Honey Crisp is where it’s AT!

  28. Suzanne says

    It’s a tough call between the fuji apple chips or the cherries, but I’d go with the fuji apple chips to try something different!

  29. says

    No joke….every single one of those flavors sounds great. I am a sucker for dried fruit- I am a snacker, and I need to keep healthy options on me (or at work) so that I don’t give in to the crap that’s surrounding me!

  30. Lindsey says

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now. I was finally in a place to watch one of your videos and it was so neat to put a voice to your blog! haha. creepy sounding I know. Also, I want to be the third wheel with you and Skinny Runner!! Too bad I live in TN. :(

    I would love Cinnamon Apple sounds great! Yay for a giveaway!

  31. Kelly says

    FUJI APPLE CHIPS!!! I live in WA state and get the opportunity to enjoy our famous apples straight off the trees!!

  32. Heather says

    The dried cherries sound like they would be delicious! I always need help in finding ways to fit healthy snacks into my day, these would be perfect.

  33. TiffanyS says

    This is a toss up, as I LOVE dried cherries in salads and baking. I’d go for the Fuji apple chips this time though. I think my kids would like them too. Have you tried dried peaches? Now those are delish, but hard to find.

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