Whipped Cottage Cheese

The rain woke me up last night two times. What is up with that?!

Luckily, it was done by the time I rolled out of bed and hit the road for 5 miles. It was slow. I’ve had a week of bad runs Sad smile

Just as I was feeling sorry for myself I saw a rainbow in the distance! Thanks God I needed that Smile

After a quick one-two shower I grabbed my old obsession that’s returned – whipped cottage cheese for breakfast.IMG_9742 (800x533)

In a bowl (as opposed to a plate?): pumpkin (heated and sweetened with stevia), pp spice, whipped cottage cheese, chia seeds, Kashi Go Lean, PB and more PB. IMG_9733 (800x533)

This was delicious, but I still kinda missed eggs…IMG_9735 (800x533)

Fun fact: Before I was birthed my mom lived off of cottage cheese and fruit when I was in her belly. I bet her fruit consumption was 98% watermelon. That explains a lot.IMG_9912 (800x600)

Question: Ever ask your mom what she ate while pregnant with you? What was it?

You should find out and see if it explains any odd obsession with certain foods…


  1. Eva says

    apparently my mom loved refried beans and raspberries when she was pregnant with me! two of my favorite things!

  2. Laura says

    My mom lived off of fresh bread and peanut butter when she was pregnant with me. That’s my excuse for my PB obsession.

    • Marcee says

      This wcc is really delicious. Tried once when shopping @ WF. Very smooth and creamy. Was totally hooked. For sure tastes wonderful w/berries.

      Ohyeah Sabrina …. Mexican caramel would make it even better! Need to do that asap. Thanks for the extra-calorie tip …. ha!

  3. Katie says

    My mom craved fruits when she was pregnant with me, and the smell of meat made her sick when she was pregnant with my sister. Now I love anything citrus and my sister doesn’t like meet & is a vegetarian. Crazy how that works!

  4. says

    Um, I have never heard of whipped cottage cheese and I’m super intrigued. I love cottage cheese and eat it almost daily. Your breakfast combo is something I’m going to try. And speaking of cottage cheese,not sure what my mom ate when she was preggo but she told me when I was little I loved cottage cheese. That’s all I would eat most of the time (than and beets of all things). Surprise surprise, I still love both of them today.

  5. Elizabeth says

    I’m new to your blog…found you while searching for blogs about people who run! I just ran a 10k and am training for my first half in about 6 weeks. Thanks for sharing all of your running and healthy eating tips!

    My mom ate mac and cheese…with ketchup on top! Disgusting!

  6. Carrie S. says

    My mom was addicted to McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwiches while pregnant with me. Yeah, I’m not a fan…processed cheese on fried fish, blech!

  7. Michelle M. says

    My mom craved tomato sandwiches. My Aunt told me that one day she saw her sit down with a loaf of bread, a jar of mayo, and 4 or 5 tomatoes. She ate the loaf of bread.

  8. Jen says

    Mom mom lived on veggies and ice cream when she was pregnant with me. I definitely got a taste for both. I wish she craved fruit when she was pregnant, because maybe then I would like it instead of having to force it down. :(

  9. says

    My mom loved to cut in half a cantaloupe, then drive through the Dairy Queen drive through and ask them to fill the pit in the middle with ice cream(she’s a genius) and would explain my love for ice cream…

  10. Sarah says

    My mom ate cheeseburgers… I don’t care for beef but I do like cheese. And savory things are my go-to cravings, not sweets so I wonder if that’s related?

  11. Amy H says

    Wahhhh i forgot about whipped cottage cheese until now. I used to buy it all.the.time. from Wegman’s when I lived in NJ, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere else in the other states I’ve lived in since.

    I’ve never asked my mom about her pregancy foods but I’d bet money that they included broccoli and ice cream;)

  12. Kristie says

    My mom was obsessed with Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate eclairs. She would make my dad drive 45 minutes away to get them every single week. I’m blaming her for my sweets addiction ;).

  13. says

    I am another vote for “never heard of whipped cottage cheese”, is it in the normal store or would Trader Joe’s have it?
    I like your rainbow! :)

    • Marcee says

      Ha. That is kinda sorta strange …. but, hey …. when you are preggo …. just about anything goes. Feed your desires. That’s my motto. Ha.

      I absolutely craved soups …. any type of flavorful veggie broths w/beans/noodles/rice. NO meats though.

      Could not tolerate coffee or even tea. The odor made me …. well, you all know.

  14. says

    When you said you had bad ‘runs’ I started giggling to myself. (get it? hehe I’m mature) I’d bet my mom drank a lot of Blue Moon. What? Isn’t that why I love beer too? Oh, oh, women don’t drink when pregnant. Forgot. Necesito preguntar mi madre que comía.

  15. says

    I have no idea and sadly can’t ask ; ( But I am pretty sure my daughter will love orange juice and double stuffed oreos when she grows up…My husband came home with just regular oreos once and I almost lost it. Must be double stuffed. Must.

  16. says

    My mom ate a ton of coffee cake while pregnant with me – the cinnamon swirl kind with the sugary glaze on top… Sadly, I’m gluten intolerant and can’t eat (most) coffee cake (life’s not fair, man), BUT I do have a huge sweet tooth… mmm… Is Yogurtland open at 11am?

  17. says

    I don’t know what my mom ate when she was pregnant with me, but my baby is going to come out covered in salt, like a pretzel. I crave pickles, deli meat, chips, and cheese constantly!

  18. Yadi says

    I have asked my mom this! She would get crazy cravings for Chorizo and egg (and sometimes corn mixed in). This is my favorite way to eat eggs. I love that there is soyrizo now so I can have it without all the greasiness, but still all the deliciousness. :)

  19. says

    I don’t know what my mom ate, but I still give her grief over smoking while she was pregnant with me and my brother. But maybe that’s one of the reasons why I have never smoked and never will. I can’t STAND that smell being anywhere near me.

  20. says

    I ate a lot of bread and cheese when I was pregnant with my first, he likes both but not together. What kid doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich?! My cravings this time around seem to change daily but if my aversion to meat says anything then this baby is going to be a veg head :)

  21. says

    I lived on cottage cheese and tomatos while pregnant with my oldest. To this day, she eats tomatos like apples. We started planting them just so she could go pick them right off the vine. Funny thing is, I ate so many while pregnant that I despise them now.

  22. says

    I didn’t know they sold it whipped! but I know its super easy to make your own. and i hear its pretty good. will need to give it a try. i don’t know about my mom and me. but with my son I craved mexican food 24/7 and ate it that way. he now loves to eat sliced jalapenos by the handful. 😉

  23. says

    I have serious NEVER heard of whipped cottage cheese and am for realsies picking some up tonight. Im drooling. Oh and i have that blue cardigan too! I wear with everything!

  24. says

    That has to be the most amazing looking breatfast I have ever laid eyes on. Love at first sight. And we are really jipped up in Canada. I have never heard of Whipped Cottage Cheese, not fair!

  25. says

    My mom would eat skittles, ice cream and lots of shrimp. Funny I LOVE ice cream but I don’t eat skittles (chocolate is way better) and I hate seafood/shell fish.

  26. Laurie says

    I love this story. I had GD when I was pregnant with my son, and I, too, lived off of cottage cheese and fruit, since it was one of the few foods I could eat. He loved cottage cheese when he was first eating solids, but won’t touch it now (he’s 2, so super picky).

  27. says

    I am not a fan of cottage cheese, but maybe I need to try the whipped as an alternative. Every time I ask my Mom something related to my birth or being a baby she says “I don’t know it was so long ago.” Thanks for that reminder Mom.

  28. says

    I have never thought of eating pumpkin for breakfast…but I love it! Does whipped cottage cheese have the same curdy consistency as cottage cheese, or is it more like a yogurt?? I can’t stand cottage cheese because it is lumpy. Although, to be fair, I don’t think I’ve eaten it in like 15 years and back then, i didn’t even yogurt….

  29. Courtney says

    My Mom ate a whole watermelon a day for months while pregnant with me and I love watermelon. Thankfully it was on the few fruits that I am not allergic to in there raw form. She also ate a lot of fried chicken as she is southern and that is one of my vices but, I have not had fried chicken in about four months.

  30. Katheryn says

    I craved indian food big time with my second child. Like major time. She is now 5 years old and indian food has been her favorite food for a few years now. With my first born I couldn’t eat peanut butter. Couldn’t even stand the smell of it, and then he ended up being allergic to it. Interesting.

  31. Marcee says

    You baked a fantastic lookin scalloped potato dish Monica! How did they taste? Hopefully, you all enjoyed it.

    Oh. Adore potatoes …. in any form …. except raw.

    Using Greek yogurt is healthier than sour cream. I have made it both ways. You really cannot taste a big difference.

    Even though we recently had sp ….. will be dreamin about more.

    P.S. You and bro Mike are adorable. Yes-yes …. even NOW you are both lookers! Mike’s wife is absolutely gorgeous …. wow!

  32. says

    I’ve never asked my mom about what she ate with me, but I will. When I was pregnant with my older daughter I craved potatoes in all their forms but especially french fries. This was especially bad since while I craved them, during the first trimester the smell made me incredibly sick. I was very happy once my nose wasn’t controlling my food choices.

    And yes, my daughter loves potatoes in all forms.

  33. Brittney says

    Oh my gosh! it’s funny you asked this question because my mom and I were just talking about this. A little fact about me is I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Like use to sneak cookies I wasnt suppose to eat, I love all desserts…it’s a problem! Well my Mom just told me when she was prego with me she ate donuts all the time. She just craved them and ate them. So I think that is why I have a sweet tooth!

  34. Geraldine says

    This doesn’t quite answer your question but…all my life I’ve had this weird phobia/hatred of oranges – the smell of fresh oranges makes me want to gag! About two years ago I found out that when I was a newborn my mum went through a phase of eating a ridiculous amount of oranges. I definitely think there’s some kind of linkage there!!

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