Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat


1. I swear there were 20 cashews here a second ago… 2. I think I have a foot fetish. Okay not really. I just wanted my foot in this picture because my mom treated me to a pedicure for Easter. Go toes! 3. I’ve eaten 7 calcium chews today. Okay, make that 8… I mean 9. 4. I’m kinda glad I had a no show client today because I ended up getting a really good ab workout! 5. I … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican about Half Marathons

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ask a Monican about Half Marathons - Run Eat Repeat

Ask a Monican all about Half Marathons Questions: - how often per week do you train for a half marathon?- what kind of training (distance / speed) do you do?- during half marathon training, do you do any other sports to keep the rest of your body in balance?- is there any food / nutrition stuff you keep in mind for your diet during half marathon training? Half Marathon … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts–Fitness Magazines


Happy Thursday! This week has felt weird to me because a few of my clients have kids on Spring Break so they’ve canceled sessions or changed their workout days. I ran an easy 3 miler and plan on doing abs and arms tonight at the gym   Breakfast was a frittata from last night’s dinner and english muffin. Specifically, the good thick english muffin that made me happy deep … [Read more...]