Ask a Monican about Half Marathons

Ask a Monican all about Half Marathons


– how often per week do you train for a half marathon?
– what kind of training (distance / speed) do you do?
– during half marathon training, do you do any other sports to keep the rest of your body in balance?
– is there any food / nutrition stuff you keep in mind for your diet during half marathon training?

Half Marathon resources:

From Running Times – Post Run Recovery starts with Protein

Half Marathon Training sites:

Hal Higdon Half Marathon training

Jeff Galloway Half Marathon training

Question: Got any half marathon training tips? Got any questions?

Let’s talk about it!


  1. Jodi says

    hi Monica! Thanks so much for posting this today- I’m currently training for my third half, along with a second ten miler in 6 weeks. All the advice you gave made me feel so much better about my lost days in training. I can’t help it but the catholic guilt I feel for missing some days just takes over!:-) Anyways, I really love the blog and the food shots- so great to see all the healthy choices that are out there- along with chocolate chip cookies:-) have a great day- Jodi

  2. Rochelle says

    Yay! Thanks for the half-marathon training advice! Very timely indeed for me…I am running my very first half in 2 weeks. LOVE your blog. I’m a first time commenter. Thanks for your tips, especially along the nutrition advice lines as this is a whole new territory for me. With the gels, and shot blocks and mystery running foods out there it’s a whole new world. Again, thanks!

  3. says

    Loved this! I’m planning to run 2 half marathons, back to back weekends, in 2 weeks! (but I’m also moving at the same time so may not be able to swing it but we’ll see!) I’m using the FIRST training program & it is AWESOME. I love having only 3 running days but they kick your butt. I have improved so much from this program, it’s crazy! I ran a half marathon half-way through my training and rocked it!

  4. says

    It’s funny, I’ve run marathons and done triathlons galore but have only ever run 3 formal half marathons (I’ve done the distance many, many times but for some reason never seem to sign up for a true half marathon race). So, thank you for the tips!!

    As a injury-prone runner (I’ve been through it all through the years: ITBS, runner’s knees, hip bursitis, and now a cartilage tear) my biggest tip would be about “active” recovery. Sometimes it is possible to keep up with your training program and running while recovering (usually after taking a week or 2 off of absolutely no running!). I swear by daily ice baths if I have a nagging injury. Nothing helps overnight. You need to be consistent with it to see a difference (same with foam rolling) :-)

  5. Meg says

    I’m also training for my first half marathon right now, so I really enjoyed reading this post! I’ve been sidelined by some injuries in the past so I’m actually only running twice a week this round, and then doing 2 days of cross training- usually spin class or swimming laps (plus weights on 2 days). So far I’m feeling great and injury free, so fingers crossed!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and it’s my first time commenting, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it! I love your sense of humor and your perspective on fitness/health. Keep it up!

  6. says

    i’m running my first half marathon in 22 days, so it was very helpful to read this post & watch the question/answer episode with you! thank you for posting this, monica :) i admit that i’m bad at refueling sometimes. i focus more on the stretching/foam rolling part after my run and then shower, and THEN finally eat when my stomach is trying to eat itself haha. i have a 10K this sunday and usually i’m not bad with refueling when it’s an actual race. the first thing i look for (besides my family/friends) is the FOOD! 😉

    happy friday!

  7. Meagan says

    Hey Monica! First off, I love your blog! It’s helped me maintain my running and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it! Since jan, I’ve lost 62 pounds.. I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to hit a healthier weight of 136 and I officially ran my first 10k this past weekend! I didn’t have the greatest time- 1:07, but I couldn’t even run a inch before so m just happy to say I did it!! But now I’ve got the bug nd I’m obsessed and have signed up for a alf marathon in aug! Any kind of tips u can give me – a complete beginner- would be amazing!!! I have 2 boys under 2 so it’s been tough finding a balance but I think I have it figured out now and I’m waking up at 5 to get the runs in. Which program would you suggest for a person like m coming off of their first 10k?? :)

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