Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat

1. I swear there were 20 cashews here a second ago… IMG 9712 800x600 thumb Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat

2. I think I have a foot fetish.

Okay not really. I just wanted my foot in this picture because my mom treated me to a pedicure for Easter. Go toes!IMG 9714 800x600 thumb Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat

3. I’ve eaten 7 calcium chews today. Okay, make that 8…

I mean 9.

4. I’m kinda glad I had a no show client today because I ended up getting a really good ab workout!

5. I feel like I haven’t had a good laugh in a long time.

6. I am inappropriately excited for Dr. Pepper 10 (even though the commercials say it’s not for women, which is not cool).

7.  I know it’s sac-religious in California to not like In N Out, but I don’t like it. I walked to work today and the smell of In N Out was killing me (in a good way)! I want some crappy soggy fries grilled onions.20120412 174304 thumb Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat

8. I was mindlessly eating a snack this afternoon…IMG 9716 600x800 thumb Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat

and almost ate this black sweet pepper?!?!IMG 9720 600x800 thumb Confession Thursday–Watch What You Eat

Look at it! Looooooooooook at it! IMG 9725 600x800 thumb Confession Thursday–Watch What You EatThat’s what I get for being on the computer while eating.

Question: Got anything to confess?


  1. says

    Confession: I hung around too many dudes in college. How do I know? Because I find that sometimes (ok lotsa times) web I’m sittin and watching tv, I put my hand in my pant waist.

    No no no! I’m not a perv! It’s like a comfy little spot for my hand to rest. Or maybe I’m weird?!…

  2. says

    Laughing would have been a good ab workout too! I need a good laugh too.

    I’m not that into In -N- Out either. It’s okay but not mind-blowing. If I’m eating fries I want them to be amazing.

  3. says

    Confession: During one of my pregnancies, I would eat TWO full breakfasts almost every day. One before I left home and the other when I arrived at the school, where I taught. No wonder I gained 65 pounds with that pregnancy!! :(

  4. says

    kind of over In & Out except for maybe a cheeseburger minus the tomatoes plus grilled onions but dislike the fries. I ate endless popcorn today.

  5. says

    Seriously, you live in S. Cal. and you don’t like In-N-Out (shakes head in disbelief)?! That is one of the few fast food places I miss living in the Northwest, and I don’t generally eat fast food these days. Sigh; my confession? I am hopelessly addicted to pretzels. I can eat a ton of ‘em before I realize it.

    • Meredith says

      I seriously hope that you are kidding. And if you are kidding, I’m horribly offended. Alcoholism is an illness, not a joke. Have you ever known anyone affected by it? Obviously you have not if you’re so cavalier about wanting to be an alcoholic for a day.

      • says


        I meant it as a joke. I’m sorry for offending you, Monica or any other reader on this blog. I have experienced addiction and my father was an alcoholic so I know the seriousness of my words. Again, I apologize.

        • says

          For the record I was not offended at all. We all have days where we want to scream, “I need a drink!!!”. I get it.

          Plus, I do have a very close family history with alcoholism. I think that’s part of the reason I can laugh about it. If I took it too seriously it would be a huge dark shadow on my little ol’ life.

  6. says

    Ummm I confess that I ate a 1/2 of a Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagel yesterday afternoon and felt kind of guilty about it…but not guilty enough to keep me from finishing off the Ben and Jerry’s PB Banana Fro-yo. Damn!

  7. says

    dude. all of these confessions are weak! i thought confessions are supposed to be embarrassing. i have a good one. when i was little, i was afraid to go ‘number 2′ because i thought it would hurt. so, my parents bribed me to go to the b-room with those little toy trolls with the diamond belly buttons. one time, i actually had to go but didn’t quite make it to the ‘potty’ but, i made it right next to that ‘potty.’ so, in order to receive my troll, i picked up the evidence and plopped it in the potty. needless to say, i got my troll.

    i’m realizing after confessing this, people are probably going to think i’m extremely weird for sharing this on the internet. tmi? prolly. at least it doesn’t happen anymore! hopefully someone gets a good chuckle.

  8. says

    In N out….yuck :( Im from the northeast and we don’t have them here but on a trip to cali last year I walked in one…and walked right back out lol

  9. says

    oh my goodness, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who O-Ds on calcium chews. but just think.. when everyone else is crippled by their osetoperosis in their wheelchairs, we’ll be flying by in our road races.


  10. says

    I grew up in southern CA and am with you on the In N Out thing. My confession…I laugh out loud, by myself, at things that I should be professional about. For instance, yesterday I was near tears from laughing at an applicant’s admission essay–it wasn’t supposed to be funny.

  11. Holly says

    Confession: I’m supposed to run a race tomorrow morning and there is a 50% chance for severe storms. I’m on the fence on whether I want to say forget the race I’m going to enjoy my Friday night or if I want to do the pre race rituals and stay in and run the risk of not doing the run in the morning because of weather. I signed up for the race as a “trainng” race for a longer one I have coming up. I’m leaning towards getting the t-shirt at the expo tonight and not running tomorrow and then praying that it storms so I’m not a bad person for skipping the race. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the race god’s will strike down on me for wishing a race to be cancelled. :-( Has anyone skipped out on a race because of potential weather issues the night before the race? Can I still wear the race shirt even if I didn’t run it? I feel like I can’t, but what if it’s a really cool shirt?!

    • says

      I skipped out on a race last year, regretted it and feel shamed every time I go to wear the shirt (which isn’t pretty but it is useful…I dread somebody asking me “Oh, you did that trail run! How was it?”)

  12. says

    My husband was so excited to try in and out burger because everyone talks about how awesome it is. He finally got to when we went to Vegas and….. he said he was quite disappointed. It was one of the main things he talked about and so I was bummed that it didn’t work out for him.

  13. says

    Can you post your ab workout, please? I recently got a stress fracture, so I’m trying to focus on ab work now (because I can’t do any weight bearing exercise for weeks! gah!). Also, I’m a Californian and am not a fan of In n’ Out – you’re not alone :P

  14. says

    This is weird, but in the picture of the salad, the table and floor sort of blur together and it looks like it’s right next to your feet making it either the world’s biggest salad or meaning you have the world’s smallest feet. I had to do a triple take.

  15. Nicole says

    I live “down-wind” of an In-N-Out….there are nights in the summer where I have my windows open and the smell of grease and onion floats the quarter-mile down the hill.


  16. says

    You are not kidding about liking salad. Wow, hiw many people can swim in that baby pool when it’s not filled with salad. Sure it’s just the angle you clsim. :-). Send some of that good weather out to Indiana.

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