Friday Flight Time


How’s your Friday going? If you’re on the east coast then you’re probably done with work and ready to play, right?! I always feel so “off” with my timing for my east coast readers. Lunch was a massive salad and a Chobani pineapple. That ish is good. I also grabbed this Luna Pretzel bar while doing a quick Target stop. Then, I interrupted Vegas’ slumber as I packed my stuff … [Read more...]

French Toast Friday with Pumpkin


Hello! This morning I grabbed a piece of toast and was about to head out on a 14 mile run when my mom called. She’s about 40 miles north of me and said the rain was headed my way. Yep, not even a mile into my run it started. I decided to cut it back to 10 miles. It seems like 10 miles is my maximum in the rain. I’ve ran 10 miles in the rain here. Wait. I lied. I ran 13 miles … [Read more...]