Boston Marathon Winners 2012


Okay okay okay, I have to admit I only made one packet of coffee pot oatmeal so I could get another Starbucks egg white and feta wrap when I made an iced coffee run. Ice coffee part I I dropped Ben off at his meeting and headed back to the hotel room to work on some blog stuff. I also had a very exciting call about a new project I’ll be doing with one of my favorite companies … [Read more...]

Coffee Maker Oatmeal


Happy Monday! I started my day on the treadmill at the hotel. But, after 15 minutes I wanted to scream. I used to ONLY run on the treadmill. I had one in my room all through college and would run on it 5 days a week. I NEVER ran outside. Now, it’s hard for me to stay on it for 1 mile. Maybe if I could watch Food Network like I used to? Anyways, I took it outside for 4 miles. … [Read more...]