Trader Joe’s Tuesday


Hello! How’s your Tuesday going? After my morning clients I hit up the store for a complete grocery haul. I ate some dirty grapes and 6 handfuls of cashews around 10am. I ended up eating lunch a little early because I had a noon personal trainer team meeting at work. It was the usual. I had several questions about the veggie burger on my salad last week. It’s a huge pack of … [Read more...]

Back Home For Five


Yesterday was a bust. I felt like I was rushing around, but didn’t get anything actually accomplished. Ya know what I mean? I wrote my last post in the car on the way to the San Francisco airport. I think I would like to live in SF, but Healdsburg felt so far away from civilization. Our flight from SFO back to Orange County was at 5pm and we got to the airport to return the … [Read more...]