Poppin’ Cereal


Howdy howdy howdy! I was super productive today so I get a gold star Mid-morning I had an orange and ‘just a handful’ of cashews. Lunch was the usual with a new addition – very lemon-y tea and a pineapple Chobani. I’m trying to add yogurt or something to my salad lunch to help prevent afternoon binges. So far so good. I also had the world’s smallest bowl of granola because … [Read more...]

Subaru First Car Story Webisode


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I  filmed my Subaru First Car Story? I drove down to LA, had my make-up professionally done all fancy like so I could talk about my first car. Weird, but cool right? I’m from outside of LA and worked at a local news station after college (I was a production assistant for the morning show – have we not talked about this?). So, all this … [Read more...]

7 Mile Breakdown and a Giveaway


I had 10 miles on the schedule today, but around mile 2.5 I felt like I was hyperventilating. I was having my version of an anxiety attack  (I’ve never had a legit anxiety attack so I don’t know). I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I wanted to scream and cry and quit all at the same time. I stopped running for a second and thought about walking home. But, the thought of that … [Read more...]