I Don’t Trust You


So, I tried a new yoga studio this morning… It’s super close to my house and there was a class at the exact same time as my favorite (but far) place. Part of my complaint with yoga is that the classes are 1.5 hours – plus I need 26+ minutes to drive there. So, I reluctantly decided to try this new place out. (The classes are still 1.5 hours, but it only takes 3 minutes to … [Read more...]

The Problem with Health Food


Happy Thursday! Today is a rest day from running so I started my morning with a 2 mile walk. It was nice Breakfast was a scramble with toast. I want to eat this again for lunch. I was going to hit up the gym for a strength workout, but I’ve decided I should really just get to yoga today (the sooner the better!). So, I just chomped an apple and some cashews to hold me over … [Read more...]