Dishing on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4


All the earthquake excitement pushed out my Real Housewives of New Jersey dish! But first lemme do a quick recap of the day’s events eats. I had a SIAB and a piece of toast with PB&J at some point. Then after an exciting phone call I started on dinner. I made guacamole with some of my very plentiful avocado stash. Ben brought me this bowl from Mexico because I’m … [Read more...]

Yoga and an Earthquake


I saw this license plate on the way to work this morning and took a picture. I am grateful for so much. I was done with my morning clients and my own biceps/back workout by 9:30am and decided to stick around for yoga at 10:30. I walked over the Trader Joe’s for a snack since I wanted to refuel my musk-uls. Greek yogurt for protein powder, blueberries for mouth poppin’ fun and … [Read more...]

Rust Day and Monday Mini-Goals


Good Morning and Happy Monday! Since I ran yesterday I’m taking today as my Rust Day (Running Rest Day). This means I cannot run, but I can do some strength or yoga if I want. And after last week’s fail of a yoga session I still really need to get in there! I’m going to do a strength session after my morning client. Then, I’m going to try and make it to Yoga or spend some … [Read more...]