Dishing on the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4

All the earthquake excitement pushed out my Real Housewives of New Jersey dish!

But first lemme do a quick recap of the day’s events eats.

I had a SIAB and a piece of toast with PB&J at some point.IMG_9966 (800x533)

Then after an exciting phone call I started on dinner. I made guacamole with some of my very plentiful avocado stash. Ben brought me this bowl from Mexico because I’m Mexican.  IMG_9980 (800x533)

I chomped guac with celery while cooking. Ole!

I have a question – are you supposed to cut off the asparagus bottoms butts? I do because they’re tough, but I don’t think you’re supposed to necessarily?IMG_9968 (800x533)

I served it up with eggs. I’ve been sneaking bites of Ben’s breakfast eggs and just realized I need to make my own.IMG_9987 (800x533)

Okay, so this week is pretty much Reality TV porn for me. First, The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Four premiere did not disappoint. But, I am frustrated that I still don’t know what the big drama was they eluded to in the last reunion?! C’mon – what is up with Teresa and Jacqueline’s stuff?image

If you’re obsessed with this show like I am, I thought I’d pass on the housewives’ twitter handles. Follow me following them Winking smile

Here is People Magazine’s article on the episode (mostly about Teresa’s drama).

And watching Jacqueline and Caroline take a walk makes me want to move to NJ and walk with them. I need a friend.

Then, Bethenny was on tonight! I think she and Jason need to go to couples therapy. They really want it to work, but can’t figure out how to work through their problems. (Disclaimer: I think everyone should go to therapy. I’m a fan.)

Question: Do you cut off asparagus butts?

Thoughts on the Real Housewives of NJ on Bethenny??


  1. says

    I always chop of the butts but only the part that is at the very bottom because I can seriously eat enormous amounts of asparagus so I dont waste any lol I dont have too much problems with the toughness part but when I steam them, if they go to long they are chewy/stringy.

  2. Krista says

    I always cut off the butts, and I recently took a cooking class & the chef cut them off too, so it must be right!

  3. says

    Asparagus naturally snaps where the woody part ends and the tender part begins. I’m an asparagus snapper but sometimes you can lose a good chunk of the stalk, which sucks, but I don’t like the woody part :)

  4. says

    I chop off the bottom inch or so. Just did when I made asparagus tonight! I lived in NJ for almost 7 years but it wasn’t like the NJ on Real Housewives. I now live 30 mi north of LA and did not feel the earthquake today! Is it weird that I’m a little disappointed? My first earthquake was last August, in NJ…I felt the earthquake in VA. I need to get my act together and make an EQ emergency kit.

  5. Kat says

    I don’t cut off the bottoms, but I do bend the bottom section in half until it breaks, I read that if it snaps the other end is on its way to going bad. Do whatever makes the asparagus tasty!

  6. Ida says

    I love Bethany and Jason as a couple, I hope they are able to work things out. Bethany does come across as a total control freak, she needs to let go!

  7. says

    YES! I just dished on RHoNJ with my husband, and he didn’t understand.

    I’m really thinking that Teresa is just going through something awful. It’s starting to be sad. Clearly Joe is running the relationship (and running their lives into the ground). He does whatever he wants and then tells her what to do. How vulnerable was she asking about if she should talk to Gia about the tabloids?

    I definitely can’t wait to see what the drama with Jacqueline and Teresa was. And to see what happens to Ashley. They need to stop coddling her and kick her butt to the curb. Way to be enablers!

  8. says

    I snap off the asparagus butts (instead of cutting)…I’m probably sacrificing some of the stalk but it’s easy.

    I’m watching (in the background) NJ Housewives re-run for like the 3rd time already! Teresa is PSYCHO, Joe Guidice is disgusting and I think Ashley looks like Lindsay Lohan with her “makeover”. I’m Italian so this is probably my fav group of housewives even though it’s so ridiculous!

    Worried about Bethenny and Jason…so much anger and resentment there (on both sides).

    I watch far too much trash TV!

  9. says

    I’ve heard that you’re supposed to snap them off! The fresher they are, the less that will break off but as they’re getting older the woody bit takes up more of the stem.

    Asparagus with shaved parmesan is an amazing side dish – yum!

  10. Noel Baumann says

    I watch that show and all those shows. It’s a way for me to add some drama in my life. 😉 I’m from Jersey and want to add…most Jersey girls do not act like this!!!! I am even 100% italian and no I still don’t act like these crazy fools! But they are so FUN to watch! And if you are ever in NJ you can look me up and we’ll run…

  11. says

    Thanks for the reminder about RHONJ! I’ll have to catch up.
    I break asparagus at it’s “natural” breaking point. If you work to snap off the end (not cut it), the asparagus will break where it should. That’s what a farmer told me. Sometimes it seems like a lot of the end is going to waste, but it works!

  12. says

    I’m so glad someone else has BRAVO on 24/7!! I have them both waiting on DVR to watch. It’s usually my pre long run ritual. Wake up early…watch reality TV from the week…run! I agree about Bethany and Jason. They are just such different people but I do want it to work!!! You’re more than welcome to move here as long as I get to move there when NE winter sets in!

  13. Jessica says

    So they are kicking Ashely out to another house to mooch off of? Tell her to get a job, and kick her out, period. Let her find a friend’s couch to sleep on, or work and afford her own place. I don’t get it.
    Teresa was gross when she was telling her husband about Gia listening in the car and knowing the tabloids are lies, yet she did a huge article that she obviously got paid for, and dished dirt just to sell magazines. She is something else.
    I bend my asparagus until the ends break off, I have read they will naturally break at the point they should.
    I have Bethenny on the DVR yet, but let me just say I want to own every outfit she does. Girl knows how to dress!

  14. says

    You are supposed to break off the bottom third or so. I was told that you should just snap them off – they will find a natural place to break and the part above that is what is supposed to be eaten. That being said, last time I did this the butt-portion was huge and I was sad to throw that much asparagus away. :(

  15. says

    I think you are supposed to chop off the butts. I saw on Food Network or something, that you can just hold one and see where it naturally wants to break off, and that’s the guide on where you should cut off the rest of the bunch.

    I am obsessed with pretty much all RHO wherever, and anything else on Bravo for that matter. Love it!

    I keep waiting for them to cast “Real Housewives of Suburban Iowa”….not too catchy though.

  16. says

    I always cut the butts off. I’ve eaten them before though … just a bit tougher.

    I love RHONJ and … yeah … not a huge fan of Teresa’s right now but have you seen her on Celebrity Apprentice? She is so different it is like there are two Teresa’s. Very weird. It does make me wonder about her husband.

  17. says

    I normally chop off the butts because they are tough, and generally speaking I think they wait too long before harvesting asparagus anyway. That’s probably just me though projecting my parent’s asparagus OCD. LOL I cooked some last night and cut the butts off because it was the only way they were going to fit in my pot. :)

  18. Cate says

    I cut off the butts and freeze them to make soup with!

    Love, love, love RHONJ!!! I feel sad for Teresa (sad because shes just clueless and i feel she will never fet a ckue). She just doesn’t get it that her comments are hurtful, whether or not they were intended to be a joke.

    Bethenney is just messed up. Pure and simple.

  19. Amy says

    I am obsessed with the Real housewives. I have been watching the OC from the very first season — and can’t believe how many spin offs there are!

    On the RHONJ — I have come to despise Teresa. She sucks at life. AND IM DYING TO TRY THE BLK WATER BY THE MANZOS!

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