Watermelon (Margarita) Wasted


Katie, the two Sarahs and I have been trying to meet up for weeks. For some reason (maybe because SR is always too busy running 232 miles in 3 days?) we haven’t been able to make it happened until today. Katie suggested a local Mexican place because she knows I’m Mexican was hoping I would be able to translate the menu for the group. Si se puede. “El Ranchito” means little … [Read more...]

The Best Salad Ever Ever Ever


After my morning client one of my co-workers offered to treat me to Starbucks. She had an hour to kill before her next client, I have an insatiable thirst for the stuff so I emphatically agreed. She wanted to share a pastry and went with the pumpkin loaf. (Fun fact: When I worked at Starbucks in college I used to eat the leftover pastries all the time. But I think I made … [Read more...]

Cereal before Eight


Yesterday I walked to work for my afternoon shift (it’s 1.6 miles one way). But, I ended up calling Ben to pick me up because the sky looked angry. He showed up with a Chik-fil-A meal - complete with a vanilla shake. I stole a few sips just in case it was poison I don’t want to be left alone in this world… One of the other personal trainers at my gym also works at Godiva. … [Read more...]